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  1. Ok. Thanks. I will try to not use a fully maxed candidate.
  2. So Im wondering if it is just me or is a Maxed out (edited) candidate too strong, or is there a balance issue with Voting. Ive ran a few Campaigns where yes I cheated, Once republican, once Democrat and once 3rd party, where My candidate had Max 10 skills all across the Board. And I won nearly every state each time. The libertarian campaign, which was 2012 I think I took almost all of Obamas votes and Republicans Had 33ish percent in most states. The Republican Campaign In 2020 where I took nearly every State. And Democrat, 2020 Didnt finish but took a Random Candidate from 0% to the Convention winning nearly Every State but the first few and won the Nomination, had I completed it I would have nearly Took every State, in the General Election. I guess when i get time Im going to edit both my candidate and the opposing candidate with equal skills and try again. see if i can get any closer results. I dont play to lose but I also hate easy games so looking for some balance. Also, can we get sortable results in the newer version like the older version had. I like to see where I was closest winning and where i ran away with out having to click the map on every state.
  3. Not sure this goes here but Ive been wondering for a while and hardly an explanation around. When spinning stories you have a few option, Spin, Help, Neutralize and flip. So question being, What does each of these besides Neutralize do. Spin I am assuming makes stories last longer and adds or subtracts to the effect. Help I think would mean Spin in favor of the Candidate the story is about, but not sure. Neutralize I assume would end the story. Flip, i would say Turns positive to negative or neg-positive. I know i probably sound crazy.... but Spinning a positive story on myself seems bad. So I ran a campaign as libertarian in 2012 and I was relentless on Obama. And Tried and succeeded in helping Gingrich get the Nomination. But not sure I used the Spin correctly. Any confirmation to my assumptions or detailed explanation on each of the 4 types of Spin would be great.
  4. I think it is Fixed. Had no problems on my last Playthrough, did get the weird percent before election day but it didnt freeze, just showed up and went through.
  5. Add unplayable congress election in presidential infinity so you can campaign for a party for congress. And see who hold majorities at the end. Districts in states in President Infinity. Mainly for rallies and fundraisers. <-Basically district off a state in 4 parts and be able to hold events, polls in those districts. So ohio, florida and Pennsylvania you could appease the rural parts or the urban parts. Instead of One rally in the whole state who knows where. Also show results broken down by district. this could also be county wise as that would be nice but harder to develop.
  6. I ran a quick campaign starting in general election and had no issues. But also barely did anything. Might be taking a longer time than i think it should to load results. After a long campaign season.
  7. So this has happened twice. Election night not wanting to load. this is the latest version. Obviously Trump stand a chance from this picture but trying to sweep all 538 delegates. And also have fog on so who know. Secondly there is a bug, showing Vice leader stamina in red. and occaisionally CP will go negative and even after two weeks of doing nothing they stick dont change. same with energy. This wasnt a saved game either I played from January to here all in one go. Both times it crashed. For those of you wondering. the only things Blue are DC, solid, Vermont and hawai Leaning.
  8. I think some Republicans will Vote for or not show up. And I think some Dems will vote against. There are several seats in the senate up for election next year. 12 Dems and 33 Reps who might want to think about their future. Depending on how it plays out could have a major impact on next year.
  9. Not really features: Better sort options. Im learning so maybe ive not stumbled upon it yet. Also list of insights available in ad creation menu. After ad runs auto delete if it cant run again. Interactive debates and interviews. Maybe add a small bonus if Leader and VP do rallys or speeches together in same state. Add ability for leader and VP to do co-rallies, speeches, barnstorming, etc.
  10. Not sure if its a bug or if im the only one with the problem. running edited campaign with 5 days till election crashed until i turned off auto spin and auto spin surrogates. crashed each of the days until i shut that off.
  11. Not sure why but in Edited Campaigns. Mainly brushing off the Bias of states and trying to easily turn all states Red. The game has crashed After the Convention and before the General Election. I get a good lead, and once 15 days till election crashed. save loads back in then try to continue into a crash. Started General Election, and it crashed several weeks out.
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