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  1. Lynch rallies in Orange County, CA Lynch Rallies in Fresno, CA
  2. Lynch rallies in San Diego California Lynch influences ethic americans.
  3. MishFox

    2018 senate

    yeah, cali + ny, mass, nj, etc. played a huge part in it, it was just really surprising to me
  4. MishFox

    2018 senate

    this isn't really related to anything, but i recently noticed dems won the senate popular vote 58-38 in 2018, yet still had a net loss of two seats.
  5. Lynch influences moderates in California, trying to earn their support Lynch rallies in Orange County California.
  6. this is... bad... https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/23/politics/trump-election-day-peaceful-transition/index.html
  7. Lynch rallies in San Francisco For the final time, Lynch makes a play for the party bosses
  8. Rally Lynch rallies in San Jose California, emphasizing his support of the Civil Rights Act, and his moderate policies as Attorney General of CA Influence While at dinner with moderate leaders, Lynch claims that he can stop Wallace or any progressives from winning Cali, and provide a boost to moderates.
  9. Rally - Lynch does another rally in Rural california, making the case that he will be the best candidate Influence - Lynch tries to influence ethnic minorities, coming out in favor of the new civil rights act.
  10. Rally - Lynch rallies in San Diego California, saying that he is the best candidate Schmooze - Lynch meets with members of the Jewish Community, citing his support for Israel and his support for Jewish Communities.
  11. yes i agree with this, or a button so you can duplicate ads instead of having to click new ads each time
  12. Lynch will try to influence labor unions in California, citing his pro-labor agenda, and moderate record. Influence - labor unions Lynch also makes an appeal to moderate california democrats, taking them to a fancy restaurant and saying that he is the best candidate to stop Wallace and the Liberals. Influence - Moderates sorry for the short and late events, been busy
  13. Bennet campaigns in Des Moines, talking about his jobs plan. Bennet campaigns in Cedar Rapids, talking about his healthcare plan. Bennet campaigns in South Carolina, discussing his electability and moderate record, hoping to fill in for Booker.
  14. Lynch keeps up his campaign in California, now rallying in rural areas to raise his awareness in those parts (Rally-California) Lynch hosts a golfing event, where he invites important party members and leaders of key groups in California (Schmooze)
  15. Bennet campaigns in Iowa on the Real Deal Bennet releases an ad in New Hampshire and Iowa, talking about his economic plan and time as Senator Bennet campaigns in New Hampshire, talking about the bill he created called Medicare X
  16. Lynch now seeks the endorsement of Mayor Samuel William Yorty, of Los Angeles. He claims he can get the support of Californians, and can represent California well in a National Convention. (Schmooze - Endorsement) Lynch holds a rally in Los Angeles, talking about the path forward for California, and the democratic Party (Rally - Los Angeles)
  17. dang i just cant get it together for these party bosses
  18. Influence: Lynch makes a play for the endorsement of the Mayor of San Francisco, John F. Shelly, citing his experience as District Attorney of San Francisco. Schmooze: Lynch makes another play for the California Party bosses, after his last attempt. This time he sets an alarm!
  19. 1. Bennet returns home to Colorado for a rally, talking about his time as Senator, and superintendent of Denver Public Schools 2. Bennet attends a farmers market in rural iowa, talking about his plan for farmers and agriculture 3. Bennet holds a town hall at Iowa University, interacting with young students.
  20. 1. Bennet talks with voters at a Diner in New Hampshire, talks about his economic plan, and his plan to defeat Trump. 2. Bennet releases an ad in New Hampshire about his economic plan called the Real Deal. It his some key points, like raising wages, and reducing Child Poverty 3. Bennet makes his first appearance in South Carolina, mostly talking to black voters, about his moderate record, and his plan to end poverty in the black community.
  21. Schmooze: Lynch makes an appeal to Democratic Party bosses in California, talking about his hometown appeal, his moderate record, and the power they could gain at the convention Influence: Lynch goes for the Moderate vote today, discussing his moderate record, his ability to win California, and the need to stop the Liberals and Conservatives from winning a key victory in California.
  22. Senator Bennet barnstorms in Des Moines, talking about his economic plan called The Real Deal, and his electability Senator Bennet holds an open town hall in Keene, New Hampshire Senator Bennet gives a speech in Nashua, New Hampshire, giving a speech about the similarities between New Hampshire and Colorado, and arguing he can be the best candidate for New Hampshire
  23. Influence: Lynch makes a play for the endorsement of former California Governor Pat Brown, his former boss, lifelong personal friend, and the man who appointed him Attorney General. Lynch argues that he is the best candidate for California, and emphasizes his moderate record. Influence: Lynch makes a trip into black communities in San Francisco, claiming that he is the best candidate for black Californians. He talks about his support for Civil Rights Legislation, and improving conditions in black communities without inflaming tensions between black people and white people.
  24. Schmooze: Attorney General Thomas Lynch met with party bosses in the California Democratic Party, emphasizing that he can best represent Californians. Rally: Attorney General Thomas Lynch holds a kickoff rally in California. "My fellow Californians, I am running for President to represent the people I served every day, as your Attorney General. I am a candidate for all Californians who want to continue the mantle of President Johnson, who has gone forward on the issues of civil rights, the Great Society, and so much more"
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