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  1. I think @admin_270 explained before that 10 is like, godlike.
  2. Respectfully, I find European elections more interesting. There's simply more "gameability" due to the parliamentary system and it's more of a possibility to produce an uncertain outcome than it is to produce a Landslide either way. Plus, there are many European elections coming up sooner before 2024.
  3. hard disagree. European elections are more interesting at this point and 2024 is so far away that this would be ridiculous.
  4. tzmb


    C++ is still used in many places. the point about the mac OS is that it isn't worth catering the code base to brand new Mac OS being that the vast majority of people use windows. By the time you'll have fleshed out the port, there's a good chance that Apple will release something incompatible with it and you'll have to start over yet again. I understand why. I'm just saying that the game could be improved on as it was in "classic" version and very few people would complain about it not being compatible with whatever Apple is releasing this week.
  5. tzmb


    I know admin is working on the new port right now to make the game more accessible, but like when are we gonna get Instant Runoff voting in President Infinity and voting blocs? I feel like porting the game to a new tool chain was a bit unnecessary and has resulted in the game, essentially being a work-in-progress for a year when there was a perfectly fine game to build upon. In trying to make the game more accessible and it really set the game back. The game didn't really need to be ported imo and I feel like the effort in getting the new port to function could have been used in improvi
  6. What happened to instant runoff voting?
  7. Alright. here's the, so-far, improved version of the 2016 race. Brought by yours truly. Constructive criticism is welcome. The primaries are done so far, Havent touched the general too much yet though. I keep the off-brand candidates off as to not create a weird outcome (like O'malley or Jindal winning Iowa). Overall, the polling is kept much closer to real life though. Updates: photos added. primary colors changed a bit to give a more distinctive look United States - 2016 TZMB.zip
  8. @Hestia11 @Conservative Elector 2 @The Blood two and a half hours left!
  9. Posted Wednesday at 06:06 PM National Polling on December 29th 2023: Democrats: Cuomo:37.8%(+2.2%) @PringlesN7 AOC: 37.6%(+3.8%) @Rodja Bennet:4.6%(+1.5%) @MishFox Undecided:20%(-1.4%) Iowa: AOC: 36.2% (-2.5) Cuomo: 35.2% (+0.5) Bennet: 9.3%(+1.7) Undecided: 19.3% (+1.3) New Hampshire: AOC: 43.5% (+3.8) Cuomo: 39.2% (+0.7) Bennet: 9.1% (+2.2) Undecided: 8.2% Nevada:
  10. Scott @Reagan04 was MIA on the campaign trail and lost some ground
  11. Democratic Primary: 7/10 good outside of iowa 6/10 a meh week for bennet 4/10 You had a pretty bad week that was salvaged by Booker's exit and endorsement of you. Republican Primary: 7/10 Not bad 7/10 a gaffe by your dad hurt you a bit in Iowa 9/10 an almost perfect week for you. 6/10 not the boost you needed but eh
  12. @PringlesN7 @MishFox @Reagan04 four hours left!
  13. January 8th, 2016 National: Hillary Clinton: 50.9% (-2.3) @BeetleJuice Bernie Sanders: 31.9% (+1.2) @Rodja Julian Castro: 3.0% (+1.5) @superezione Martin O'Malley: 1.5%(-1.5) @buenoboss Iowa: Hillary Clinton: 42.2% (-4.1) @BeetleJuice Bernie Sanders: 37.8% (+0.3) @Rodja Julian Castro: 7.6% (+3.9) @superezione Martin O'Malley: 3.9% (-2.1) @buenoboss New Hampshire: Bernie Sanders: 51.7% (+2.4) @Rodja Hillary Clinton: 44.7% (+1.7) @BeetleJuice Julian Castro: 3.5% (+3) @superezione Martin
  14. Alright. being that everyone's answered I'll start the next turn. It'll end tomorrow before midnight or when everyone has responded. here's the rolls: 4/10 a poor start for Hillary 6/10 a gaffe in NV but otherwise decent week 6/10 meh week but gain in NH. net positive for you this week being that Hillary had a poor week. 3/10 bad week for you. Especially in Iowa. Castro and Sanders seem to be gaining ground. polling will follow. Debates will start next week (Jan 17)
  15. @BeetleJuice @Rodja @superezione @buenoboss you guys ready? if so January 1st, 2016 National: Hillary Clinton: 53.2% @BeetleJuice Bernie Sanders: 30.7% @Rodja Martin O'Malley: 3.0% @buenoboss Julian Castro: 1.5% @superezione Iowa: Hillary Clinton: 46.3% @BeetleJuice Bernie Sanders: 37.5% @Rodja Martin O'Malley: 6.0% @buenoboss Julian Castro: 3.7% @superezione New Hampshire: Bernie Sanders: 49.3% @Rodja Hillary Clinton: 43.0% @BeetleJuice Martin O'Malley: 1.8% @buenoboss Julian Castro: 0.5% @super
  16. National Polling on December 22nd 2023: Democrats: Cuomo:35.6%(+5.5%) @PringlesN7 AOC: 33.8%(+6.1%) @Rodja Booker: 5.9% (+5.9%) @buenoboss Bennet:3.1%(+1.3%) @MishFox Undecided:21.4%(+2.6%) *Buttigieg's attaking Cuomo and then dropping out only helps AOC Iowa: AOC: 38.7% Cuomo: 34.8% Bennet: 7.6% Booker: 0.9% Undecided: 18% New Hampshire: AOC: 39.7% Cuomo: 38.5% Bennet: 5.9% Booker: 1.7% Undecided: 14.2% Nevada: AOC: 42.6% Cuomo: 35.3% Booker: 5.2% Bennet: 1.
  17. We'll keep things mainly the same. I'll just base the schedule off the originally planned 2020 race (before covid). So that's how the debates and primaries will be organized. Also, dm me for endorsements "Dobs Style". I'll base my style off of his so you're gonna get some detailed maps as well. I'll also do some state polling as well Without further a do, here are the rolls. Republicans: 7/10 for Cotton, an above average week and some mo' built in early states 7/10 for Haley, overall an above average week. Some momentum in Iowa. Little ground gained in NH. 7/1
  18. Alright. I'll be taking over as DM due to Rodja being busy with work. I'll be plugging the numbers in now. As for my character, Mayor Pete, I'll retire him since I dont like playing while DM'ing at the same time. We'll just say he couldn't get on the ballot in enough states.
  19. @buenoboss @Rodja I could take hill and this could be a go?
  20. is there interest for a 2016 Democratic Primary quick shot? Here are the available candidates: Real: Hillary Clinton (@BeetleJuice) Bernie Sanders (@Rodja) Martin O'Malley (@buenoboss) Jim Webb What if: Elizabeth Warren Joe Biden Michelle Obama Julian Castro (@superezione) Amy Klobuchar Cory Booker If there's interest, lemme know. If not I'll just let this thread die. Starting date is January 1st, 2016 @Hestia11 @TheLiberalKitten @Reagan04 @buenoboss @WVProgressive or anyone else
  21. @Reagan04 can I run a late George Romney campaign?
  22. Pete Buttigieg holds a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and stresses the need for electability, citing his midwestern roots and proclaiming his ideas as a groundwork for progress. Pete holds a town hall in Charleston, South Carolina, emphasizing his pragmatic approach. With respect to AOC and Gov. Cuomo he questions their ability to win a general election outside of blue states. Buttigieg holds a barnstorm in Duluth, Minnesota. He emphasizes the need for the Democratic Party to listen to blue collar voters and not stray too far to the left.
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