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  1. Kennedy doesn't start on the ballot in Wisconsin or New Hampshire. Needs to invest some points to get on, and presumably the AI isn't.
  2. Two, in my opinion much needed, quality of life improvements I'd like to see for ads: The ability to filter out areas where a national/regional ad has been run the maximum amount of times. If I can filter out non-targeted seats, why can't I filter out seats where they're no longer eligible to be run? Aren't those unnecessary at this point? This is particularly important in PMI, where the constituency names and region names can be quite long, forcing the "(ad run max. times)" straight off the screen. There's no other visual indicator of them being maxed out, either, so in these cases you have absolutely no way of knowing that until you manually click it. Frustrating! (See attached screenshot; #10, Tweedale, Ettrick and Lauderdale, has had the selected ad run the maximum number of times, but you can't tell from the overview.) The ability to click and drag to select which seats to run ads in. Instead of clicking every single one on the screen manually and individually, I click the top one and drag down, and the ad is selected to run in every constituency that the mouse is dragged over. Would make mass-selecting seats SIGNIFICANTLY faster: think 1, maybe 2 seconds, instead of upwards of 5, per page of constituencies listed. That's a significant amount of time saved per run through. These two features in conjunction with the sorting tools would make things much easier & quicker, and so much less tedious. I think it's genuinely possible that it can take upwards of 15 minutes to sort out ads right now for a single run, and that's just not a very enjoyable experience. With the Presidential edition, where state-targeted ads are a lot more common, it's okay and manageable, but in PMI, where there are literally 650 constituencies? The screen is pretty unwieldy and frustrating to use. Cheers! (P.S., I see now that I've written it that someone else has had the click-and-drag idea on this very page. Whoops! Still, I think it's a point worth repeating; if nothing else, to register my concurrence.)
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