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  1. The new release is feeling much better! Thanks. A few things I've spotted that could still do with some fixing: Training issue familiarity seems to be broken. When I click it, it directs me to choose a specific issue, like healthcare or free trade or whatever, which isn't a thing in the old code base stable releases. Clicking on an issue, any issue, and passing a turn doesn't seem to increase my familiarity skill at all, so the player can't counteract the natural decay of the skill. I can't improve my campaign attributes on the Player Info page. Clicking on Command, Ads, Strategic,
  2. Ah, after a bit more fiddling around, it only seems to happen if you load two different scenarios in the same session. So: Start 2020 scenario, with just two parties, as Dem. Check strategy page. Exit to menu. Start 2016 scenario, with just two parties, as Dem. Check strategy page. May initially look not-wrong depending on polling RNG, but try and scroll down to the next selection of 20 states. That should break it for sure. Some kind of caching issue, I would assume. Another new bug: I can't run two ads in the same region (including nationwide) at the same time. The butt
  3. Oh, I see what you meant, got it The new release does look like it's solved a lot of the issues I was having, including the sidebar not working. One new bug I've found though is that the strategy page is completely broken when playing the United States 2016 official scenario (in this screenshot it was as Johnson, but a quick check showed it happens to Clinton too, even in a scenario with the Libs turned off). As you can see in the top right, it's supposed to be showing regions 1-20, but something's going haywire:
  4. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you were saying here, I seem to be able to do this already, fyi! See first attached screenshot. Also, the sidebar with the percentages/seats/popular vote/momentum sometimes doesn't work for me. See, for example, the second attached screenshot, of a 3-way R-D-L fight in the default 2020 scenario. No idea what causes it.
  5. Forgot to reply to this until now, but among the broken ones I found are: United States 1988 (the one with V2 in the folder name, haven't checked the original), United States 2016 expanded, and France 2017. Having any one of them in the user_scenario folder broke the game for me, even if it was the only scenario there. Hopefully that will help you be able to narrow down whatever it is causing this There are also some other ones I have which don't break the scenario setup screen, but when I select them to try and load them, nothing happens: it just doesn't change from whichever scena
  6. Hitting Change Campaign just brings up a completely black screen, with no way to exit out. Have to alt F4. For what it's worth, I didn't uninstall my old 3.1.1 stable version; should I have? Edit: Okay, I was able to get it to load after emptying out my user_scenarios folder. Seems one of my pre-existing ones wasn't playing nice, just by virtue of existing... I'll have a look tomorrow, see if I can find out which one it was.
  7. Is there anywhere specific you want bug reports for this release, out of interest? This thread? Feedback forum? Because, well, the default scenario doesn't actually work for me (and a couple others). We all get this:
  8. Kennedy doesn't start on the ballot in Wisconsin or New Hampshire. Needs to invest some points to get on, and presumably the AI isn't.
  9. Two, in my opinion much needed, quality of life improvements I'd like to see for ads: The ability to filter out areas where a national/regional ad has been run the maximum amount of times. If I can filter out non-targeted seats, why can't I filter out seats where they're no longer eligible to be run? Aren't those unnecessary at this point? This is particularly important in PMI, where the constituency names and region names can be quite long, forcing the "(ad run max. times)" straight off the screen. There's no other visual indicator of them being maxed out, either, so in these cases you
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