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  1. Sad I can bait you into any conversation and get you riled up. Even if your precious admin bans me... I have nothing to lose. Keep coping my guy. Your precious inept President has just made Texas a battleground, is about to lose Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. The legacy of true Republicans such as John McCain, will live on. Trump will be an episode that American will forget about... and that's why he's battling this election. He's afraid to be forgotten, and so are you.
  2. Facts don't care about your feelings.
  3. Just ignore him man. No need to pick on an invalid.
  4. Funny how it's always when you come in the forum just goes to hell. And @admin_270 is too far up his arse to do anything about it.
  5. Joe Biden is not a socialist, and socialism wouldn't be coming anyways even if it was a Democrat control of all levels. You have absolutely no clue what socialism is. And for you to think Biden is one of them is incredibly disingenuous and is absolutely reflected of your lack of knowledge. Quit watching Sean Hannity and go do some research of your own. Maybe take AP Gov? Or a Political Science class. If you could get into AP that is.
  6. Is that an insinuation that I'm a socialist? You're a Trump cultist. You don't know what Conservatism is. You don't know what Socialism is. I can assure you, I am far from it. It's people like you that have been brainwashed by Trump into thinking Liberal=Socialist. You referring to Biden supporters as "The Mob" already proves your definition is badly skewed. The silent majority won this time. And they betrayed Trump. A divided Government is good because it means compromise will be back. And Joe Biden sure as hell knows how to work a Congress and compromise more than Donald Trump ever could.
  7. Keep the salt coming. At least we blamed ours on a foreign entity which WAS influencing our elections, not directly benefitting President Trump though... as the counsel reported. And please, don't you dare call Democrats "my people" I am not a Democrat and I was always a Republican until Trump ruined the party and turned it into a cult. President Trump has been denied all except 1 of his inept law suits... and the one he did win said that Poll Observers could stand 6 feet away from poll workers. Until you can give me proof that isn't Facebook moms yelling into a camera, or proof from the FBI, or any Secretary of State in these states that are continuing to come in, I'll believe you. Otherwise, you're absolutely wrong. Fun Fact for you. Even when Trump won in 2016, he made a special commission to investigate fraud in the 2016 election. What did they find? Nothing.
  8. So proud of Joe. Trump needs to learn to take the L, along with some of his supporters who are dissentious deplorables that are harassing poll workers.
  9. It's also sad a certain mob is trying to influence poll workers by shouting outside their offices and attempting to insert themselves in certain buildings.
  10. The timing is pretty unfortunate, given recent events... within the last hour.
  11. K guys, a Trump LaNdsLidE is still possible... HeAr ME oUt!
  12. I can't take your source seriously.
  13. Lots of time to sue Pennsylvania and get them to stop counting ballots that have already been sent in, and are just sitting there, completely valid? Yes. Lots of time.
  14. Obviously. That's why we're still waiting on these big states because they're a hell of a lot larger than my state and have different political landscapes entirely.
  15. Ah mail in ballots... yes! Corruption! Corruption! Corruption! Joe Biden is a horrible human being who has exploited the citizens of this country with his shenanigans, and in order to further the political duopoly, is now winning! Hah. Hah. Hah. Nothing seems to satisfy certain people who believe that the whole election is a fraud, on both sides quite frankly. Here's how we get rid of the fraud, collusion, and alllll forms of interference; paper ballots. All these mail in ballots coming in are being counted fair, by election volunteers who can't be exploited by some Russian, Chinese, Indian, whatever, on a laptop. If you actually knew what it was like being an election worker/volunteer, or even at least had someone you know who does this every 2 years for elections... maybe you wouldn't be so prone to believing the misinformation President Trump puts out every day. I say this having multiple family members and friends who are proudly poll workers in my state of South Carolina. @PoliticalPundit
  16. Michigan is looking increasingly hopeful... Detroit and Grand Rapids is the only thing left. (Detroit moreso). Biden has a larger lead in Michigan than he does in Wisconsin. It's looking increasingly good for him there. Nevada is interesting, but again, it's close because rural areas are 95% or more in... Vegas and Reno are still out there.
  17. Current map layout. If Biden wins Michigan and Nevada, he gets it. Trump has to win Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Michigan or Nevada. (Both leaning Biden)
  18. Wisconsin has apparently stopped counting. It's in recount territory but Joe Biden has won it by 21,000 votes.
  19. I bet on making Arizona blue last night... I did it for @TheLiberalKitten... I'm making some money today bahhahaa.
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