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  1. Ohhh I see now. Dukakis didn't do too bad in Texas. Rural Texas was still very Pro-Bush. But Dukakis made it interesting by picking Bentsen.
  2. Dang, that's tough. Bush was even popular with the kids?! In Pennsylvania?
  3. As a Pro-Seccesionist and South Carolinian I subscribe completely to the sentiment that the honorable lady from Kansas is expressing.
  4. Rally (1): Sadly... Caesar begins blacking out as he's giving the speech. Looks like the supposed tumor in him is starting to get the better of him. He's escorted away immediately as he nearly faints and begins slurring his words. Endorsement (4): Surprisingly, Marcus and the other Super Mutants are open to hearing Caesar and Papa Khan. Sadly, they're not ready to make a commitment yet. Barnstorm (4): Doc Mitchell would rather not have a Legion Post in the city... but appreciates the offer nevertheless. Overall: -6. A lackluster week for Caesar's campaign. Might need to get tha
  5. @buenoboss @The Blood @Edouard Friendly reminder for events! If we can get them done within the next hour, I shall have rolls out!
  6. Also, you should join the RP Herbert! I understand if the college life is cracking down on you though.
  7. Ya. Vortex is nice. I'm just a traditionalist I guess. Mod Organizer is what I've used for the most part. I'm just so familiar with its interface. Plus its always had the benefit of not directly installing mods to your game... but instead, it injects them into the game before you load. Essentially meaning you dont really have to backup your base game, and if a mod screws up, it wont require a base game reinstall. Not entirely sure on vortex.
  8. Check Nexus for the most popular mods. I havent played in a while but back when I did around 2 years ago I had a graphic overhaul. Bit of a pain in the ass but it was nice. There's also combat overhauls, expanded perks, expanded weapons, etc. Personally. I prefer mostly visual overhauls and improvements to the game. If you've played other Bethesda games you know there's always a script extender... a UI overhaul... etc. Usual routine of stuff. I actually lost my modlist because nexus discontinued their mod manager. Back to Mod Organizer for me lol.
  9. February Week 1 Post-Turn Polling Overall Presidential Polling President Kimball: 20.88% (-0.46) Caesar: 18.57% (+2.16) Mr. House: 14.23% (+4.73) Barry Goldwater: 4.81% (+2.03) Raquel (Boomers): 2.55% (-0.01) Strom Thurmond: 0.41% (-1.26) Undecided: 38.55% (-7.19) The first week of campaigning saw exciting displays of entrance from Mr. House, Caesar, and Barry Goldwater. President Kimball, despite having a rough start was able to save it from disaster after his first rally. New Vegas is certainly a popular campaigning spot... and is likely to be the
  10. Rally (10!): Jane whips the crowd into a frenzy! The Strip is energized and the people of New Vegas are ready to vote for Mr. House and finally bring this damn wasteland into the future! Endorsement (10!): Benny will certainly endorse and help The Overboss. Benny hopes to get control of New Vegas once Mr. House becomes the President... he hopes. Endorsement (10!): Mr. House has a private meeting Mortimer. Being the most vocal Pro-Cannibalism member of the Society. Mortimer is fully on board and is able to cajole Marjorie into changing the entire direction of the White Glove Society
  12. @buenoboss @ThePotatoWalrus Friendly reminder to get events in! Rolls will be done in about 4 hours when I get off work.
  13. @WVProgressive @Cenzonico @Edouard @The Blood @buenoboss @superezione @TheLiberalKitten Alright, now that we have everyone for the most part... we can begin! I will be assuming the role of Caesar if no one takes him by the time I start rolls tonight. (Around 10:30 PM EST.) The electoral system is simple. The President of the Wasteland will be decided by a 2-Round Popular Vote system. We will be starting in the 1st week of February. The first round results will be conducted on the final week of July. The 2nd round will start on the first week of August, and end on the first week of No
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