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  1. Forgive me if this has already been discussed: I'd love to introduce specific demographics into the electorate. That way, a candidate can build his/her campaign to target a specific demographic such as the youth vote, African American vote, Men, Women, elderly voters, Hispanic voters, white voters, etc. The election results would need to reflect how each candidate did with each group as well. Each state would need to be allocated the correct representation for each group too. Basically, it would be a very large expansion of the 'platform distance' aspect. Even as I'm typing this,
  2. It's all reflected on how much momentum you've built up. The more momentum you have, the better chance you'll have an interview request. Try running some ads - even cheaper ones like newspaper & radio, build up your state organizational ratings & footsoldiers, and barnstorm/rally your momentum higher.
  3. I like to run web-ads nationwide every day. It's a fantastic (and inexpensive) way to keep your momentum really high. That can only be done day-by-day.
  4. To me it doesn't matter how you catch us up. Whatever works best for your personal time & schedule. I imagine some of turns for all these candidates can take quite a while!
  5. I'm studying for a final right now, but I just can't resist. I'm in! Gimme Sleepy Joe Biden!
  6. Excellent! I'll try this after work. Many thanks, Herb!
  7. Forgive me if this question has been posted before. I tried to see if it has, but I couldn't find it. I'm playing President Infinity 2020 as an Observer, or third-party candidate. I've given myself $100,000, and started in January of 2019. Basically when the bulk of Dem candidates started announcing their campaigns in real life. I've worked my way up to 7.2% support nationally, with about 10 million votes. The unique aspect: Once Pres Infinity 2020 was announced, I caught up, and I've been playing 1 turn per day - corresponding to the actual day in real life. My last turn, of c
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