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  1. (Raquel Trial) Preston Garvey will make it clear that he is saddened by the actions of the NCR in regard to Raquel's trial, saying, "Though I'm glad that she will be put to trial, it is a betrayal of democracy and the people of the Mojave to have over half of the jurors appointed by the NCR and Goldwater. The NCR may have helped to end the threat of the Boomers, but their suffering in this ordeal pales in comparison to the people of the Mojave's suffering, caused by both the Boomers and the NCR's meddling in our land. I believe we need a full jury made up of Mojave civilians selected randomly. This is fair, democratic, and what the Mojave deserves. Instead, the NCR wants to play politics with Goldwater. However, I will attend the trial to see justice brought to Raquel." (Rally) Preston will begin organizing the very first Minutemen groups, sending them out to promising spots throughout the Mojave to begin constructing settlements protected by the group for refugees harmed in the war. (Rally) Along with settlement building, Preston will send out Minutemen to begin clearing out ghouls, mutants(Not including super mutants), and any other threats plaguing various settlements throughout the Mojave. (Rally) Preston will declare his intent to build an independent, democratic, and free Mojave out of the current situation, saying, "In the mix of wars, large factions vying for power, and the bureaucratic mess of the NCR, the people of the Mojave are left out. However, if we unite, and begin building up a genuine coalition of free settlements and peoples, we can build a new, free, and democratic Mojave, both respecting the power of, while keeping in check, the powerful factions surrounding us. This is the purpose of the Minutemen and my candidacy."
  2. Fuck this shit, there's a settlement that needs your help.(Raquel, with nothing left but a handful of wounded Boomers, will be overthrown by the remnants of the group and handed over to the NCR(@Edouard) for a trial. They will elect not to run a new candidate, instead scattering to the wind as the Boomers dissolve for good. I will be reentering the race as Preston Garvey.) @PringlesN7
  3. (Rally) Raquel will continue to rally the Boomers as they rebuild, continuing to pursue her plans to fortify and turn the 5 mile radius around the airbase into a "zone of death". (Sabotage) The Boomers will send a Boomer child, with a series of bombs strapped under his clothing, into the Mojave Outpost, with the child posing as a victim of the war who lost his parents and home. Then, once inside, the explosives will be detonated. (Sabotage) Recognizing the need for a victory among the Boomers, Raquel will devise a plan. Hoping to make a show of the attack, a team of Boomers will travel by night into California, taking less-used roads and making sure cover is abundant. Then, arriving in the NCR capital at Shady Sands, the plan will be put into actions. With military gear, protection, and weapons, Boomers will storm into the NCR Congress as it is in session, unloading their weapons into every person they see, and throwing as many grenades and explosives as they can to block off exits and kill political leaders. The Boomers will ensure that no identification is on the group, with faked tattoos given to the group marking them as Goldwater supporters.
  4. (Rally) With the successful defense of Nellis Airforce Base, the Boomers are now ready to rebuild and come back 10 times stronger. With a rousing speech from Raquel, she will declare that the base and the surrounding area, "Will be turned into the very depths of hell for whoever attempts to attack our great tribe!". Work to repair and reconstruct damaged areas of the airbase will begin, and sirens will be placed at every corner of the base to both warn of attack and to allow for the Boomers to put on mandatory gasmasks, as dispensers will be placed around the airbase and in numerous spots in the 5 mile radius surrounding the base, ready to release Mustard Gas in the event of an attack. This is not the only preparation, however. Automated turrets will be hidden in numerous areas in the 5 mile radius surrounding the base, with one click of a button from the airbase causing them to go online and begin firing. Along with this, barrels of jet fuel will be buried in the ground in the same 5 mile radius as other defenses, with a remote explosive attached which is able to be detonated from the airbase. At the edge of the 5 mile radius surrounding the base, dead NCR soldiers will be crucified to warn against any attacks. (Rally) Raquel will announce that in honor of their aid to the Boomers, the tribe will be handing a third of their artillery to @ThePotatoWalrus, and their votes in the second round(Assuming the Boomers somehow don't make it to the round) to @TheLiberalKitten. (Sabotage) Weary of Goldwater's growing influence in North Vegas, the Boomers will devise a plan. Sending out boxes filled with bombs meant for the now-gone bomber, the tribe will disguise these boxes as food and those delivering them as Goldwater volunteers. Making their way to North Vegas, countless boxes of "food" will be placed near Goldwater's operations in the area, and once the deliverers leave, remote explosives in the boxes will be set off.
  5. (Event One - Attack) The Boomers will launch a mass bombardment of NCR supply lines to the west, hoping to destroy as many roads and outposts they can to isolate NCR forces in the Mojave. (Event Two - Attack) Boomer forces will mobilize with skill to pin down and force back NCR troops to their north. Artillery will rain down on these NCR forces, both harming the troops, as well as their logistical and command capacity as supply lines and officer encampments are hit. Boomer forces will also work to slam the NCR in the center, with Boomer soldiers using gas masks as they unleash mustard gas onto the scene. Another key weapon will be fire. Using flamethrowers and Molotov Cocktails, the Boomers will turn the battlefield into a flaming warzone as NCR troops burn alive. They will also make use of jet fuel from the airbase, carefully placing barrels of the fuel on the battlefield, making a short tactical retreat from the area of the barrel, before blowing up the barrels as NCR troops arrive in the area with a remote explosive. The Boomers will also employ children, sending out captured children in rags to lure NCR troops out from cover, before opening fire and killing them all(Boomer soldiers will pay no mind as to whether they hit the children in the crossfire). Any and all prisoners will be shot. (Event Three - Attack) The Boomers will set to work fixing the airbase's resident bomber, and will hope to unleash it on the battlefield once it is finished and running.
  6. (Sabotage 1/3) A child Boomer will sneak through the warzone around Nellis to arrive at Thurmond's speech. He will feign that he is a child orphan, and arriving close to the candidate, will attempt to stab him in the throat with a knife he collected along the way.
  7. (Note, the Boomers will do nothing in response to the North Vegas destruction. In fact, Raquel will privately gloat about the destruction.)
  8. In response to Kimball's attempt to declare war, the Boomers will rain hell and fire on their forces, raining artillery on their snipers, and firing on key roads and supply lines the NCR could use to supply reinforcements and supplies. The Boomers will fire shots from the airbase onto NCR snipers outside, and the Boomers will rain hellfire on the NCR Correctional Facility, hoping to destroy the walls and free the convicts inside.
  9. I'll still have my account open for the RPs here, so you can just DM me here or send me an email at -.
  10. I am done. I am done seeing this forum continuously left to locked threads, bad-faith arguments, and constant fighting. I am done seeing people I highly respect being roped into fights with people who have no regard for their arguments, and who would much rather engage in throwing away opposing evidence, refusing to recognize their opponent's points, acting superior to others, and all around being a negative influence on this forum. I am done with every post being a flame war, and I am done seeing flaws in our moderation system exposed through the recent arguments and flame wars on this forum. I am done toying with the idea that we can all simply block/ignore those who are helping to cause the situation we face to solve everything. This post is not about PoliticalPundit, Admin, or Billay alone. It is about the systemic issues this forum faces. The vast majority of posts, people, and comments on here are great and amazing, but the issues with civility, moderation, and the general tone of this forum are too much. I am done. I am very active in the Election Play-By-Play area, and as such I will maintain my account, but from here on out I will not comment or interact with the General section of the forum, not including the occasional look at Vcczar's excellent polls. I. Am. Done. Goodbye, you beautiful bastards. vcczar @Reagan04 @Actinguy @Patine @Conservative Elector 2 @TheMiddlePolitical @WVProgressive @SilentLiberty @pilight @admin_270 @Hestia11 @Herbert Hoover @mlcorcoran @Leuser @upandaway @jvikings1 @Rodja @Edouard @jnewt @Nentomat @Kingthero @Sunnymentoaddict @RFK/JFKfan @The Blood @Zenobiyl @Wiw @MBDemSoc @ThePotatoWalrus @Alxeu @Allyn @Cenzonico @CentristGuy @Ishan @billay @wolves @RI Democrat @lizarraba @lizphairphreak @TheLiberalKitten @MysteryKnight @avatarmushi @servo75 @Mark_W
  11. Are you so dense that you can't understand how your actions stretch beyond attempting to block people? Also, I never said, "Constantly everyone" in reference to you attempting to ban people, so that's a lie. Back to my point, it may only be two people, but your conduct around these two people has demonstrated your conduct throughout this forum. You throw away evidence going against your beliefs, act superior to others, refuse to combat other people's points, and are generally a bad-faith actor. This goes beyond your attempted bans, which are a serious problem indicative of your narcissistic view of this forum and its purpose, and delves into your own issues confronting others and their points. It's clear I won't be able to confront or argue with you here, so as a passing message, I would like to say this in honor of the forum you seem happy to make worse: Fuck off, I'm blocking you.
  12. Are you serious? You have been crying wolf about Patine and Vcczar for some time, and have successfully removed one from the forum for a full 8 days. Are you seriously stretching my words to call me a liar here? Of course you aren't reporting every user on here to Admin, but you have a serious habit of attempting to ban people. Coincidentally, these people are the ones you don't have strong relationships with. Stop stretching my words or the truth, and start owning up to what you are. You are a consistently poor debater who acts superior to others, a bad-faith actor, and someone who is too stuck up to actually see their impact on this forum. I know I just attacked you, and in recognition of that, @admin_270, please punish me as you see appropriate.
  13. Vcczar is inserting himself because you are a bad influence on this forum. You constantly deny evidence, blow past points, take points out of context(For example: I said every poster you have encountered, not every poster), and act superior to everyone you encounter. You have made this forum an inherently worse place, and are constantly attempting to ban people you don't like for minor offences. Vcczar is doing right by the forum for telling Hestia to back away from you.
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