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  1. I'll still have my account open for the RPs here, so you can just DM me here or send me an email at -.
  2. I am done. I am done seeing this forum continuously left to locked threads, bad-faith arguments, and constant fighting. I am done seeing people I highly respect being roped into fights with people who have no regard for their arguments, and who would much rather engage in throwing away opposing evidence, refusing to recognize their opponent's points, acting superior to others, and all around being a negative influence on this forum. I am done with every post being a flame war, and I am done seeing flaws in our moderation system exposed through the recent arguments and flame wars on this forum.
  3. Are you so dense that you can't understand how your actions stretch beyond attempting to block people? Also, I never said, "Constantly everyone" in reference to you attempting to ban people, so that's a lie. Back to my point, it may only be two people, but your conduct around these two people has demonstrated your conduct throughout this forum. You throw away evidence going against your beliefs, act superior to others, refuse to combat other people's points, and are generally a bad-faith actor. This goes beyond your attempted bans, which are a serious problem indicative of your narcissistic vi
  4. Are you serious? You have been crying wolf about Patine and Vcczar for some time, and have successfully removed one from the forum for a full 8 days. Are you seriously stretching my words to call me a liar here? Of course you aren't reporting every user on here to Admin, but you have a serious habit of attempting to ban people. Coincidentally, these people are the ones you don't have strong relationships with. Stop stretching my words or the truth, and start owning up to what you are. You are a consistently poor debater who acts superior to others, a bad-faith actor, and someone who is too stu
  5. Vcczar is inserting himself because you are a bad influence on this forum. You constantly deny evidence, blow past points, take points out of context(For example: I said every poster you have encountered, not every poster), and act superior to everyone you encounter. You have made this forum an inherently worse place, and are constantly attempting to ban people you don't like for minor offences. Vcczar is doing right by the forum for telling Hestia to back away from you.
  6. I feel like you would prefer it if everyone on the forum was banned except for you. I say this because with almost every poster you encounter, you fall into this cycle of throwing away evidence going against your point, acting superior or more intelligent than the person you are arguing with, laughing off or refusing to encounter other people's points, generally being a poor influence on this forum, and crying wolf whenever the slightest offense is made against you, using Admin as a tool to ban people for very minor offenses, if they are offenses at all(Of course, some of what Patine has done
  7. (Barnstorm) Jack, with Raquel's permission, will tour the Mojave as a surrogate for her campaign. However, hijacking the tour, Jack will decide to theme the tour around his love for Crimson Caravan employee Janet, with the slogan, "You're the redhead of my dreams, Janet." (Sabotage) The Boomers will rain hellfire on Goldwater's recent tour of North Vegas. Artillery will rain down on the former Senator. (Sabotage) Raquel will leave Nellis to personally open fire on Kimball volunteers in Freeside with a Grenade machinegun.
  8. I assume this can be left to the dustbin of RP history? @Conservative Elector 2
  9. (Rally) Raquel will hold a rally in Freeside, calling on voters to vote for her to grant the Boomers isolation and independence, because if the Boomers were not freed, they would unleash hellfire on the Wasteland. (Sabotage) The Boomers will unleash their artillery on Aaron Kimball campaign offices. (Sabotage) The Boomers will unleash artillery on Mr.House campaign volunteers.
  10. The Boomers, in a proud display of their disdain for the Wasteland, and in celebration of their desire for independence, will announce that they are running a protest candidate for the Presidency, meant to make noise surrounding the cause of Boomer isolation and independence from the Wasteland. Their candidate, who was widely expected to be Pearl, the leader of the tribe, will turn out to be Raquel, who, after months of weariness surrounding Pearl's intent focus on the happenings of the Wasteland and Loyal's seemingly un-xenophobic attitude to outsiders, will lead a coup against the two, arres
  11. National leads matter. They help show us where momentum is, and help give us a look into who will run up statewide totals on election day. They also show how surmountable someone's lead is. Biden's lead will be a tough battle for Trump. Do you really believe Biden will lose Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, but will win the popular vote by the margin the polls are saying? That's very, very unlikely, because national polls do in fact show us how likely a victory is for a candidate, without the Electoral College being a real factor. But then again, you don't believe in polls, or any substant
  12. That isn't my point. I am pointing to Biden's massive national lead, Trump's serious negative-partisanship, and Biden's superior campaign to say that this isn't 2016, and that the Trump upset we all saw isn't coming. Thus, without this massive advantage to Trump, stuff like ad spending and fundraising matters a lot more. I'm not saying fundraising is all there is, but it matters a lot. Buttigieg went from an unknown mayor to the winner of Iowa because of the money he poured into organization, and Sanders didn't lose because money doesn't matter, but because the holistic totality of the factors
  13. Could the possible insinuations here be considered a personal insult? @admin_270
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