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  1. National leads matter. They help show us where momentum is, and help give us a look into who will run up statewide totals on election day. They also show how surmountable someone's lead is. Biden's lead will be a tough battle for Trump. Do you really believe Biden will lose Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, but will win the popular vote by the margin the polls are saying? That's very, very unlikely, because national polls do in fact show us how likely a victory is for a candidate, without the Electoral College being a real factor. But then again, you don't believe in polls, or any substant
  2. That isn't my point. I am pointing to Biden's massive national lead, Trump's serious negative-partisanship, and Biden's superior campaign to say that this isn't 2016, and that the Trump upset we all saw isn't coming. Thus, without this massive advantage to Trump, stuff like ad spending and fundraising matters a lot more. I'm not saying fundraising is all there is, but it matters a lot. Buttigieg went from an unknown mayor to the winner of Iowa because of the money he poured into organization, and Sanders didn't lose because money doesn't matter, but because the holistic totality of the factors
  3. Could the possible insinuations here be considered a personal insult? @admin_270
  4. Look, whether it's you, Admin, or someone else, there is a consistent breed of poster on here who is obsessed with pointing to half-truths, specific sets of data, or entirely different elections if it means disregarding what the "mainstream" thought is on this election to push forward a narrative that Biden is coming down and that Trump is surging forward. I admit, if Trump keeps closing the gap I will be nervous for Florida, but you cannot disregard entire, key sets of data such as fundraising and spending in such a dangerous manner as you are now. Sure, Clinton did outspend Trump, but as it
  5. Wallace will tour Illinois and Michigan, schmoozing with party bosses from both states to convince them of his working-class appeal. He will emphasis his tireless work to defend working-class Americans from the riots invading America and from the constant overreach of an invading government stripping away states' rights. Wallace will meet with and influence black leaders. He will discuss with them how the riots invading America are destroying their communities, perpetuating the poverty found in them. He will also discuss how projects looking to integrate America are simply t
  6. The revolution is starting, comrade, led by glorious Chairman @Wiw! /s
  7. As before, time to play out the final months of the Herbert Hoover Presidency(Current President). I won't run for a third term.
  8. Yeah, I noticed that. Probably not the best look considering recent events.
  9. As the nukes fall over America, George Wallace will take one last look over the sea(Having been campaigning in Florida), before looking to his wife, "Honey, I need to come clean. I'm a black supremacist. I believe we need to defend the bl-"(He is cut off as both he and his wife are vaporized)
  10. Wallace will rally in Florida. Wallace will influence Johnson conservatives in Florida. Wallace will influence Mainstream Southern Democrats.
  11. Wallace influences Johnson donors and backers in Florida. Wallace rallies in Florida. Wallace influences Johnsonite conservatives in the party.
  12. With no further response from Thatcher, Hamilton will ride north as promised. Arriving at Thatcher's home in Massachusetts, he will walk up to the door and knock. Around 20 feet behind him a crowd of onlookers and those working in the press looking to see the event watch. @Zenobiyl
  13. Hamilton will write in response, "Am I truly hiding in fear, Thatcher? I would not believe so. No, I am taking an honest and principled stand in denying a lunatic the right to get himself killed by my hand. Because that is what would happen if I accepted your challenge, if you need a prediction for such an event. I will not duel you because I will not waste my own time or the people of America's time on you any longer. You are a raving lunatic, challenging people with far greater esteem than you to duels, and then throwing a fit when they see through your mask of righteousness to see what you
  14. Hamilton will respond, saying, "Though many find duels to be the most honorable way to settle disputes, I have to turn down this foolish challenge. The eyes of the nation are on us as public servants, and you want to waste our people's time and possibly your life over a handful of insults? Please, have more respect for America and for yourself, and please do find other ways to deal with your obvious anger issues than starting doomed-to-fail parties and challenging those with more power than you to duels."
  15. Following the disaster that was the Election, Hamilton will meet with many in his network of loyalists and supporters, before, after nearly a month of silence following the Election, releasing the 58 page "Account On The Misfortunes Of The Federalist Party". In this account, he will describe the "radicals" who threw themselves out of the party in the name of ideals unlikely to ever be passed through any government. He will call out these radicals for rejecting his offers for peace, and will call them, "The most obstinate people in America, unaware of their own influence on the political system
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