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    270soft Wiki

    Hello, I'm going to post the link to the wiki started by PeterMoon(on the discord server). Come look at this hub of knowledge. https://270soft.fandom.com/
  2. last i checked, the RC votes go to the top two parties within that region, and I'm pretty sure(not even 81% sure) that its evenly split among the top two parties.
  3. well... mines pretty bland in comparison to some really interesting usernames but its the aliteration of my names Joshua Sweetman, and that GOD AWFULL student ID I got back in elementary school and have not been able to forget about it since. I use it for my email lol.
  4. thank you for the suggestions and the feedback. - Channel v2 News is the "root" but I've just spelt it out to "Channel Root 2 News" -Definitely will be adding Shreveport, Kentucky, Uruguay, Tomorrowland and the Republic of Yesterday(all in circles at the bottom of the image) -Will be doing a primary update, and the "Nixon offers free beer" will be present. - I will definitely try to deal with the election night ticker. Also, your thoughts about the episode are "definitely" known and can be seen on the infopshere page on this episode
  5. Version 1.2 is Live Changes Added Space Bull Moose Party with Teddy Roosevelt's head as its leader Added Brain Slug Party with Hermes Conrad as its leader Added an inset of Europe Added Space Bull Moose Party Added Brain Slug Party Turanga Leela and Philip J. Fry are now surrogates for Chris Travers Spiro Agnew and Bender Rodriguez are now surrogates for Richard Nixon More poll balancing. lowered Nixon's charisma, debating, and leadership Travers' home state is now Hawaii Added new regions Skyrim R'lyeh
  6. I thank you for the errors given, and the update I have pending does have Hawaii as its own nation state as well as a few others referenced in the show. I chose Kenya originally because he was born there in 3012, and he will be moved to Hawaii in v. 1.3. I also had the God Entity on since I actually use that with one click to human instead of just two, but I will rectify that I've turned VPs off since the show never acknowledged them, but If you have suggestions for VEEPs for the others I will be glad to hear it. Thank you for the suggestions.
  7. V 1.1 is live, including a re-balance of the dominant parties, added the Jackson/Johnson clones, and some minor tweaks to the others. Primaries are not a good idea and I will be adding the 3000("A Head in The Polls") election parties. Expect the next release to have major map changes. Earth - 3012 v.1.1.zip
  8. Not directly. it most likely depends on the positions of the candidate relate to each region or the nation/state as a whole.
  9. Check the fill positions. Some might have duplicates.
  10. Are you intending popular vote only? Second rounds would only work if there was a elector tie. Popular votes wont go second rounds. I'll get back to you on American candidate equivalents
  11. I just found these parties that appeared from "A Head In the Polls" Antisocialists Brain Slug Party Bull Space Moose Party Dudes for the Legalation of Hemp Fingerlicans(Plun-Darrcans) Green Party National Ray-Gun Association One Cell, One Vote People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans Rainbow Whigs Tastycrats(Thundercrats) Voter Apathy Party
  12. Yes! I completely forgot about God in-universe so I'll definitely add this
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