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  1. Kern will contribute his 2 personal IP, Cleveland can provide the 3rd. Off to congress!
  2. Actinguy said Happy Halloween on this issue. The innocuous north west is much less scary than Utah. I will contribute 2IP and send this to congress
  3. Use my faction IP and send this to congress!
  4. It was a quick post by @Actinguy but Clark (not Kern) also won a house, from Chester Arthur
  5. Yes, 1IP for Kern, and I'll take from Benjamin Harrison. Wow, somehow missed all 6 being claimed already. No on Lamar, he's beyond help.
  6. House with Kern's IP and Speech with Lamar's IP
  7. Not really, that was kind of the confusion I had before. But, it was reading comprehension fail on my part Social Unreset applies to the next Election. President's Popularity -2. I read as... Social Unreset: Applies to the next Election, President's Popularity -2.
  8. My faction will put their support behind whichever candidate @vcczar deems most worthy.
  9. Re: "Haymarket Riot" I had this last game, and assumed the -2pop was applied to the next elected president. This makes more sense, and makes it easier to play.
  10. I guess then... If the issue requires a vote by congress, and the president passes the issue to an office, then the office cannot choose to ignore?
  11. I was thinking exactly this before reading Leuser's reply I was going to say I'm not sure. Conveniently "Downturn of 1882" provides a good example. I guess you're saying if the president sends it to the Treasury, the Treasury looses the ability to ignore, thus it becomes pass/fail. Seems logical.
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