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  1. Not really, that was kind of the confusion I had before. But, it was reading comprehension fail on my part Social Unreset applies to the next Election. President's Popularity -2. I read as... Social Unreset: Applies to the next Election, President's Popularity -2.
  2. My faction will put their support behind whichever candidate @vcczar deems most worthy.
  3. Re: "Haymarket Riot" I had this last game, and assumed the -2pop was applied to the next elected president. This makes more sense, and makes it easier to play.
  4. I guess then... If the issue requires a vote by congress, and the president passes the issue to an office, then the office cannot choose to ignore?
  5. I was thinking exactly this before reading Leuser's reply I was going to say I'm not sure. Conveniently "Downturn of 1882" provides a good example. I guess you're saying if the president sends it to the Treasury, the Treasury looses the ability to ignore, thus it becomes pass/fail. Seems logical.
  6. Woah. I guess these bonuses balance somehow with our starting selections? Available bonus VP at game start: ML: 27 Swej: 41 Leuser: 67 VcCzar: 22 Had ML decided to pass because of the bonus to me, this card is almost guaranteed to come up again later anyway?
  7. @ActinguyFirst I would like to play coalition building Mr. President has a stranglehold on congress, and is showing it by attempting to repeal this protection. I will vote Nay and continue to fight against such clearly partisan moves.
  8. Lamar will make a speech Kern will whip up support Each will spend their remaining IP if necessary, otherwise pass
  9. Aye Also VccZar (That's voltage paid for with South African Rand) gets 2VP from the issue Bonus points, correct?
  10. Oh hey guys, I just logged back into the forum and had to catch-up on reading. @vcczar, welcome to the group. I'm much more a board gamer than a political buff. I appreciate the re-writing history part of the game, but also appreciate how much more you guys enjoy it. Lamar will accept
  11. As soon as Covid is fixed I'm down. The spreadsheet was crucial. Good job @mlcorcoran
  12. New expansion: Just the digital cards right? Did not seem to add much. Mostly a couple extra cards to get through a couple more elections. WWII was new to me. I liked how the issues were implemented differently, and changed based on how many previous issues had been revealed. General gameplay: In general, this game has some unique mechanics which is always fun. It seems to me there is a decent amount of luck with card draws. I found it difficult to plan anything. Either someone else played a card that wrecked whatever I was trying to do, or a player I had attempted to buil
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