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  1. Im restarting. A new map is being made based in this, North, South, Islands and Foreign Vote.
  2. Its possible that I was right in my predictions.
  3. Attention! Yellow isnt tossup, is no data, no early vote.
  4. https://targetearly.targetsmart.com/ you can see with your eyes. Makes more sense now than in first days, but some states like Pennsylvania and Oklahoma sounds strange.
  5. This map is possible, but about Pollsters solving problems from past... They also said it in Portugal about Azores 2020, after falling 2016 by big margin like you can see here. In 2020 mistake wasnt so big, but existed, even after pollsters guaranting that was much less probable than in 2016, PS had 5.4 lead instead of 13 lead, all right parties had better results than predicted (PSD, CDS, PPM, Chega, except IL that had +- the same). PSD now is centrist, but is considered as Right here. This only happened because turnout altought.
  6. True story Some adjustements to Kanye will be made...
  7. Well, there are 1 or 2 polls giving him 1%, anyway, wasnt my plan to have him with 1%, was the base value i did put in most places. I can adjust a bit.
  8. Very interesting scenario, victory of Trump, losing popular vote by 5.6%
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