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  1. Thanks, are you certain? It didn't make sense to me so I looked in the rules. It says on page 12 following order: 1) Player having fewest Victory Points plus Popularity cubes.
  2. Just curious if the popularity includes the printed popularity? Or is it just what the players have earned?
  3. Hi, As an observer just curious why the president's cabinet are voting against him? When they took their jobs wasn't it implied that they would give their support? Is it honorable?
  4. Leaves the loophole of whom to defer to when there is a three-way tie?
  5. Also seems interesting that both of the guys at the median point are conservatives, suggesting that there have been more conservative presidents than liberal ones?
  6. Hmm, if the list were least to most Libertarian would the order look any different?
  7. Hmm, so the two most moderate presidents of all time were Benjamin Harrison and Warren Harding Not exactly a proud moment for moderates I guess.
  8. Hi, I have been watching this game sometimes and just wanted to point out that in 1790 the Louisiana Territory was part of the Spanish Empire, not the French.
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