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  1. Yes, I thought the default photo of Humphrey as VP from 1965 was looking a little outdated so I changed it.
  2. In this election I set Lyndon Johnson against Richard Nixon. Landslide Lyndon was able to secure a second term against Richard Nixon in this election. Lyndon changed his Vietnam position to: "Begin drawing down American troop strength. It's time the ARVN carried the ball for their own defense." Following the bombing halt; which helped him carry the election against Richard Nixon.
  3. This afternoon I was doing some research on the 1972 election. I think had Hubert Humphrey been the Democratic nominee he would have been more successful than George McGovern, especially with labor unions. I played a 1972 Election with Hubert Humphrey v. Nixon, a rematch of the 1968 campaign. (I also included the AIP candidate John G. Schmitz, who did better here than in reality) It was still a Nixon victory, but less of a landslide and more of a solid victory.
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