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  1. Yes, it only happens against whoever I pick.
  2. It happens on all setups, Republican or Democrat, regardless of scenario.
  3. Is anyone else having a problem with their opponent getting a first week surge regardless of what they do in PI? I tried putting my only opponent on human, getting every endorsement, and not letting them spend a single command point. Nope, they still jump ahead of me. It's infuriating. I've heard the "random variations" excuse before. If that's all it is, why is it my opponent that benefits every single time?
  4. I guess, but it just seems extremely convenient that It's always my opponent who benefits from it. Now everytime I run a campaign my opponent will get a massive surge after the first week. Nothing I can do to prevent it. I can get literally every endorsement, and put them on human without letting them run any short of campaign. Doesn't matter. They'll surge 5 points for no reason.
  5. That wouldn't explain the random starts. One time I'm ahead in Ohio, but down in north Carolina. Next reload I'm Ahead in North Carolina, but down in PA. And you'd think ads would hit in more than one region. Especially considering the regions I get hit the biggest in usually aren't competitive, so nobody would bother advertising there. There's no reason for me to plummet a ridiculous amount in one area while gaining everywhere else. I think It's just a glitch.
  6. 2012 United States special edition. No, I don't have fog of war on and the ridiculous swings are happening no matter what campaign I try. I did a Florida senate one as Rick Scott. One week I plummet 9 points in Orange county. Back up five the next. Back down two the week after that. This was all after I got the news story saying I had the "big mo" as well. So if anything, I should be surging. Not plummeting.
  7. Despite going with the exact same start, candidates, and vice leaders, I can get five different polling starts in 5 campaigns. And even some regions I've set to have the Republicans be ahead in are voting Democrat. Not to mention the often extremely ridiculous swings. Where a candidate will plummet 5+ points in a state despite have huge national momentum.
  8. I'd like to see results by congressional district or counties. That could be turned off and on. Break down of votes by demographic could be interesting as well.
  9. I set integrity to 5 as well. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  10. I always set my candidates to one corruption in president infinity. And yet despite this, my opponents have no problem finding two or three major scandals on me in only a couple weeks. And yet when I try to find one on them, it takes me half the campaign to get a low level on them. Am I just unlucky?
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