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  1. Permission granted @Actinguy @upandaway Michael Corcoran
  2. HAHAHAHAHA yes, I definitely could use a breather. I meant that I'd be up for playing again at some point in the future, but not looking to start another playthrough for at least a few weeks
  3. And thank you everyone for the kind words on the spreadsheet! I appreciate @upandaway sending me helpful tips on keeping the info correct (especially on getting Electoral Map borders right). I'm continuing to make improvements to make it user friendly and as automated as possible for the next playthrough...
  4. Playtest Feedback: The beta test "threequel" game didn't really wow me but the idea of keeping the game going in general is cool just to see how far into modern times it can go. I feel like I'm getting a better understanding of and appreciation for the 13 keys to the white house in the Civil War & Gilded Age expansion, but it still feels like 70% luck 30% strategy, whereas the electoral map in the main Founding Fathers is like 60% strategy 40% chance and much more enjoyable. Also the financial systems of the Civil/Gilded and Post WW1 eras aren't nearly as involved as the mai
  5. Whoops! That's true @Actinguy Instead... the only VP candidate Woodrow can choose, the only Democrat from outside the northeast, is Joseph T. Robinson from Arkansas
  6. Chief Justice Alton Parker joins the ticket as Woodrow's Veep @Actinguy
  7. Voting is now open to all players in any order on the Smoot-Hawley Tariff @swejie @Woot @Herbert Hoover @Leuser My faction votes Aye
  8. My bad I thought this was also a vote in any order, not a roll call
  9. We have 9 in favor, 15 opposed, with votes still pending from @Herbert Hoover and @Woot
  10. @Actinguy Joseph Robinson initiates a FILIBUSTER on the Senate floor
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