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  1. @Actinguy Before the next issue comes, Treasurer Conkling spends 1 faction IP to deliver a bill to Congress calling for a repeal to the Protective Tariff. "Gentlemen, the tariff hurts American taxpayers, stifles new business growth, and does nothing for our economy but protect entrenched mercantilists. Let's bring this to an end and hope that no future POTUS is so stupid as to think that a protectionist tariff is anything but a barbaric self-inflicted wound on the nation's economy!"
  2. Quantitative Easing passes. @Actinguy has taken -1 popularity from President Sherman and Secretary Conkling
  3. @Actinguy 1 faction IP deducted from @vcczar @vcczar please let me know which 2 statesmen you'd like to have SCOTUS Justices affiliated Treasury Secretary Conkling delivers the Quantitative Easing bill to Congress (Option B - Expand Money Supply), the Senate Majority leader calls for a roll call vote @Actinguy
  4. The first player to reply with an IP donated to meet the difficulty of Option B to expand the money supply and prevent Long Term economic failure will get not 1 but 2 Supreme Court judge appointments to statesmen in his faction. @swejie @Leuser @vcczar @Actinguy
  5. Bonus Action: spending 1 faction IP for William McKinley to whip up support trying for a House Bonus Card: Playing "Make Important Speech" on Benjamin Harrison @Actinguy I added Harrison's 1 IP for the speech, will wait for your dice roll result for McKinley Also, naming Sherman's Cabinet: State: McKinley Treasury: Conkling War: John Hay @Leuser Interior: Chester A. Arthur Attorney Gen: Mark Hanna Postmaster Gen: Levi P. Morton Secretary of Navy: Rutherford B. Hayes @Leuser
  6. No extra for McKinley, my turn's done thanks @Actinguy
  7. @Actinguy Conkling will spend 1 IP to whip up support; McKinley will spend 1 IP to make a speech
  8. @Leuser would Henry Wilson agree to stay on as Veep of a second Presidential administration?
  9. There is unanimous support for John Sherman as the Republican candidate @Actinguy
  10. Grant ignores the Six Year Term proposal @Actinguy
  11. @Leuser you have 1 of the 2 requested IP, is your faction willing to make up the difference?
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