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  1. It's about doing things the right way @Actinguy! Not just voting to for your own personal gain!
  2. I believe I am next. Speech with Garfield please @Actinguy
  3. In the past play throughs, I feel like this would have been ignored. I feel like a fail is vote to congress and not passed. Ignore, never made it to congress for a vote. If it is an issue without congress, I feel like it is only pass/fail unless the president specifically claims ignore before any action.
  4. As this seems to be such a controversial issue, I have decided to pull my IP and my support from this issue @mlcorcoran @Actinguy. I do not want us so divided in running this country and have decided the moderate approach is best. We will revisit this issue in the future.
  5. I only have 1 IP to give, but will give freely.
  6. I will hold party lines for now though I was hoping for more positions in the current Congress. Aye.
  7. Schurtz 1ip to build support. Don't see number of houses available on the sheet, FYI. Garfield free speech.
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