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  1. I would love to have my name in there as a beta tester. That is really awesome of him to do! Thanks @upandaway
  2. Both expansion games we have played had the 6 year term in affect. I would like to see it without. Love the game and @Actinguy always is the best moderator. Really wanted to see if I could squeak past @Woot in the end. I had a plan for the final election but didn't get a chance to go after it. Thanks to all players! @swejie @mlcorcoran @Herbert Hoover @Woot @Agent B Also I was away for about 24 hours and come back to game over. It was a bit disheartening. Beta Thoughts: I like the cards and opening up more opportunities with the Fed. Demagogue was a little OP without a cha
  3. Lowering taxes has led to our debt again and again. We must all pay our fair share. Nay!
  4. I can make any player president almost guaranteed. Message me with offers! I can also dash your presidential dreams if someone doesn't like you!
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