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  1. Schurtz 1ip to build support. Don't see number of houses available on the sheet, FYI. Garfield free speech.
  2. My faction would support a president with a strong ability to get things done. @mlcorcoran I feel that John Sherman would fit this bill.
  3. I will contribute the final needed IP and send this to congress for a vote.
  4. Just to make sure I am reading the new items correctly @Actinguy, @mlcorcoran and @vcczarboth gain additional VP for this passing, correct?
  5. As I believe this will benefit the President, I want to make this happen to help his legacy. The issue though, Wheeler is not experienced enough to pull the strings to bring us together to make this happen. With a 1 IP donation to the cause from @mlcorcoran and @vcczar I can get it done! Do I have the support of the factions that this will support the most?
  6. While not terribly interested in the idea, this is not the hill to die on. My statesmen died on that hill enough in the last 2 years. Aye with my limited power due to Covid...
  7. I would love to have my name in there as a beta tester. That is really awesome of him to do! Thanks @upandaway
  8. Both expansion games we have played had the 6 year term in affect. I would like to see it without. Love the game and @Actinguy always is the best moderator. Really wanted to see if I could squeak past @Woot in the end. I had a plan for the final election but didn't get a chance to go after it. Thanks to all players! @swejie @mlcorcoran @Herbert Hoover @Woot @Agent B Also I was away for about 24 hours and come back to game over. It was a bit disheartening. Beta Thoughts: I like the cards and opening up more opportunities with the Fed. Demagogue was a little OP without a cha
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