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  1. @admin_270 Hi, hope you're well! I'm still having exactly the same issues with user-made scenarios despite having updated to the absolute latest Sneak Peeks.
  2. @admin_270 Ahhhh, thanks for the clarification. It would be good to be able to use polls in PMI at some point, though.
  3. You can use polling? Like opinion polls? How can I add these?
  4. @admin_270 Great, I will do. Any rough idea when you'll be releasing it?
  5. @admin_270 I have no idea what the problem could be then.
  6. @admin_270 I've just used the official 2017 campaign, and saved it; I made no changes to the campaign whatsoever, and it seemed to be working okay. However, if I do anything to any of the regions/constituencies/parties/leaders, it corrupts the campaign and makes it unplayable in one way or another.
  7. Hi, I keep getting a notification on my MacBook warning me that 32-bit applications will soon be unusable on macOS, and that my 32-bit applications need to be optimised for macOS. I have a feeling that the Mac system is very different to Windows, and as such I'm wondering whether PMI, PI and CI will continue to have a Mac release?
  8. @admin_270 Is there anything I can myself to resolve this error? (e.g. is it just a political issue that I could delete?)
  9. @admin_270 After making sure everything else was working fine, I think the problem is with the political issues. I haven't made any changes to the issues, but when I play the game I still get the same error message re. the issues. It's just really frustrating.
  10. @admin_270 I'm still getting the same error messages.
  11. @admin_270 Would it be easier to email you?
  12. @admin_270 Also, another role-play user scenario I have issues with. I have no idea what''s going on, but I'm getting the same error codes. Holston Forest Constituencies 1997 GE.zip
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