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  1. Although they may look accurate, all the paintings are faked. The game publisher didn't want to pay anyone for the rights to use them. So you won't find any famous paintings that look exactly like that. These four are in the style of Monet/Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Degas and Mondrian, left to right.
  2. Haha! I don't find out about most games, but of the ones I know probably the record holder is your first game.
  3. Yes Also @AgentB could have had Clay or Calhoun make a speech, free, or done something else.
  4. They can only defer on the first round, though. After that it's back to regular order. So deferring wouldn't appear to make much difference in this election.
  5. Maybe I can help, by quoting the FAQ... Q. If we resolve the End Slavery Issue, does this mean that resolution of the Extension of Slavery Issue is no longer a prerequisite for the Maine and Missouri State Admission Issues? Yes https://upandawaygames.com/FoundingFathers/faq.pdf
  6. Hi, note that if trying to use the NORTH CAROLINA DIVIDES ITS VOTE card, that card expired with Era A and should be removed from play and a replacement drawn.
  7. Are you all Ohioans? If so, may appreciate this story. I was at a convention playing the game with three ladies from Ohio. An Issue came up and one of them realized that a certain response had an effect on Michigan. "Is it true that if we pass this Michigan will never exist?" she asked. "Yes" I said. It passed unanimously! Probably the high point of their game!
  8. Didn't these games used to assume people would use their free speech opportunities automatically as a way to speed things up? (He has Fisher Ames.) @Actinguy
  9. Tip: when you get to Generation II, be sure to remember to shuffle the Generation I discards back into the deck. Seems like this was omitted last time, causing statesmen to appear earlier than necessary.
  10. Tariff II has a Difficulty of 3, but Monroe's Ability is 2.
  11. No, play it as written: only cancels gains. Still cancels the Public Support changes.
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