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  1. I am starting a scenario if anyone is interested. O’Rourke narrowly defeats President Trump. I just need help on who you think would be Vice President and who would be front runners for the GOP nomination. Patine? Any help.
  2. Here is my result as Romney starting from the primaries to the general. It came down to Romney, Giuliani, and McCain. McCain dropped out and endorsed Romney giving him a substantial amount of 300 delegates to push him over the top in the contested convention against Giuliani. I selected Haley Barbour as Romney's running mate to have regional balance and appeal in states we were behind in like VA, NC, and Missouri. The Democrats came down to Gore, Obama, and Edwards. Clinton, Biden, and Kerry all additionally stayed in until the DNC. Most candidates endorsed Obama making him the nominee.
  3. I I am starting work on a scenario (I have been practicing/playing with it since we could make our own.) I would love feedback, collaboration, ideas, any events, advice on candidates/VP candidates. 2016 Presidential Election (A Normal One) Once again, Americans will go to the polls. In 2016, parties are facing both contested primaries. The polls show most want something in addition to a campaign on the issues. Will a dark horse candidate emerge sending a message to the dynasties on both sides? With the ending of the Obama years’ fast approaching will it be a Republican to occupy
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