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  1. OMG Thank you so much for taking the time for making an NC map.
  2. By all means please do! I might mess with it at some point. I actually worked on the Garland Tucker campaign as an intern, unfortunately I've been very busy with school and such and don't have as much time for messing with scenarios,
  3. As McIntosh, I won the primary and defeated Maxson by one vote in New Hampshire giving me an electoral college victory.
  4. I've been messing around with a U.S. Senate race for my first campaign. So far I've added Thom Tillis and the democratic(expected) front-runner State Senator Jeff Jackson. I got it so that it feels competitive but I feel like Tillis is still too strong. Any advice or constructive criticism would be quite helpful. North Carolina - 2020 - Senatorial.zip
  5. Here are a few potential Republicans from NC. Speaker of the House Mark Walker. He is rising quickly and was already considered a possible candidate for speaker of the house in 2018( if the Rs kept the house) Senator Pat McCrory(R) NC - has stated he was interested. could win an open seat in 2022. Governor Dan Forrest(R) NC - If he beats Cooper in 2020 and wins re-election he would be term-limited.
  6. scifiguy


    I noticed that there was no NC map in the resources so I tried making one. Any constructive criticism? I'm quite new at this. NC.bmp
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