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  1. Rasmussen polls are terrible. I wouldn't trust the head to head match ups they come up with.
  2. I didn't need to be pinged for this.
  3. Assange and Wikileaks as a whole tried to make Hillary lose the election by selectively publishing information. Assange should have his trial, I don't consider myself too patriotic but I struggle to support anyone that is beholden to an enemy country trying to influence our elections. He tried so hard to play Russia's game and get the Snowden deal, it didn't work out.
  4. I agree with nearly all of the outcomes but I think Virginia is a bit bluer than you give it credit for. I also don't see any dem winning Ohio. Looking again the O'Rourke map is odd. O'Rourke losing Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania is way off those states are trending general blue.
  5. I've already said nuclear war and especially first strike would be bad, we don't need to spend much time making obvious moral statements that no one here is going to disagree on. SDI makes the world more dangerous though so I wouldn't say one country getting a massive defensive advantage is a good thing for security reasons. Total protection from nuclear weapons is also nearly impossible, so you need some other promised response than just defense. We'd be lucky to see 90% effectiveness, when a country has hundreds or over a thousand nukes to launch the end result will still be disastrous
  6. I'm not going to be drawn into a big debate because I always write a lot and receive no response. Quickly I will just say that expected response time is very important. I would imagine that the V.P would 98 times out of 100 be able to respond to such a situation quickly but creating a law that requires multiple officials agree on the use of nuclear weapons would need a lot of exceptions for different possible scenarios, I would probably also only require the V.P be consulted for first strike use if such a law were to be implemented. Obviously a nuclear conflict would be bad, we don't need to s
  7. You say you know a lot about I.R but then you come up with takes like these.
  8. Allowing college athletes to take shoe deals and make money from their likeness would be great but having the colleges pay them a salary would kill smaller D1 teams that can't afford to pay their athletes, they'd just get priced out of competition. It's also a strange stance to for a presidential candidate to list when his foreign policy section is lacking. It looks to me like someone intentionally taking 'easy' stances while avoiding anything that Yang doesn't feel dems can unify around, to me that feels very artificial and crafted his policies based on polling and nothing more.
  9. I'm doing this quickly so this will just be a partial list of problems I have w/ Yang. 1. Plays into the 'not enough white babies' and 'economic anxiety' line. 2. Wants to drasticly cut the number of people government employs when government is already understaffed 3. No experience in government 4. Wants to create a branch of the army that would be able to bypass any laws to take people's land (legion of builders and destroyers) 5. No discernible foreign policy other than making it harder for the president to authorize use of nuclear weapons (What's the point of this?
  10. Yang is fine as a spokesman for UBI, terrible as a candidate for president.
  11. Preach. I should've learned that a while ago.
  12. I'm a minority so the Nazi route is basically locked out for me. I disagree fairly strongly with describing Sweden as a democratic socialist country, private capital still owns and runs businesses, wage labor remains, and goods are sold in a relatively free market. I'd describe Sweden as either social liberalism or social democracy. https://jacobinmag.com/2018/08/democratic-socialism-social-democracy-nordic-countries Jacobin Mag is an explicitly socialist magazine, here they say the nordic countries aren't DemSoc but rather SocDem. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffreydorfman/20
  13. Saying "Every country should behave irrationally to fit my moral system" is completely useless. Your ideal system can never happen in an anarchic world because it relies on countries acting against their own interests permanently when there is a massive advantage to whatever country breaks that perma-peace agreement first. When no definite knowledge of another countries intentions is possible, especially when a country acting rationally will break the agreement and take advantage of one country following 'Patine's moral principles' then it should be really easy to see that this will inevitably
  14. @Patine I don't know how much time you have but I would really recommend reading 'Great Delusion: Liberal Dreams and International Realities' or at least some of the talks the author, John Mearsheimer gives. It will probably give you a better understanding of the different schools of though in international-relations. You'll probably agree with its assessment of liberalism and maybe nationalism, I don't think you know much about realism as a school of thought based on our past conversations and hearing these three ways of thinking put into their historical i-r context would probably give you a
  15. Congrats on post #10,000 you probably could've made it a better post in honor of the occasion though.
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