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  1. AOC and i would have actually voted for Debs in 1912. And La Follette in 1924.
  2. Demon Taka

    Map Problem

    Every time i create a scenario on President Infinity the map glitches so that one of the provinces includes the entire background. here's the most recent one: (My Hawaii Scenario) I tried drawing a little circle around Honolulu county, but lo and behold, this happened: Does anyone have a fix? i would appreciate it very much.
  3. 1956 Hoover/Nixon Vs. Truman/Kennedy
  4. - This is the '76 scenario - It's every scenario. I think it's something about the "large text".
  5. So some guy named Scoop Jackson beats the king of modern landslides... In a landslide...
  6. Nope. It was an in-joke, a reference to the incompetent, narcissistic ATL president Valentino Pellegrino (D-OH) who was assassinated in 1986 at just 41.
  7. 1848: Tickets: Clay/Fillmore, Polk/Butler, and Hale/Sumner.
  8. Sorry, but i don't know where else to post this. My name "Valentino" isn't my real name, it's a reference to one of my political characters. I would like to change my name to what i'm known as everywhere else, Demon Taka. Alas, i don't know how.
  9. The year is 1844. Tickets are Clayton/Scott, Polk/Dallas, and Tyler/Bibb
  10. Well it's a little early for that. Thanks though.
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