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  1. I just finished a game of President Infinity, the 2004 campaign. Below are the screenshots from the game I just finished playing. As you will see the vote in Ohio is literally 1 vote from a tie and 2 votes from winning. Especially in a general election and a key state, realistically they would call for a recount. I would love to see a feature in President Infinity to be able to request a recount (by a button gui) and it will accept the request if the difference between vote is in a specific range. I believe it will be a great feature. Please give feedback as well. screenshot
  2. Possible in-game feature. President Infinity is by far one of the best election simulators known. The amount of realism in the game is absolutely incredible. It would be awesome if we could add more small features to make this game even better! My Idea: Recounts I believe that adding recounts into the game would step up its realism to the max. My idea is that if you are a candidate and you fall in the threshold percent in certain states, you should have the option to call for a 'recount' in that state, multiple states, or even nationwide. I know I don't have much information on
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