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  1. So has Biden through out his political career. Siding with senators who favored segregation.
  2. My dad has a saying that "if you give people an outlet to bitch, they will do just that." Basically saying people will always find a way to complain, especially if they have a way to go about it where people will listen.
  3. For four, as God, I wouldn't do anything at all. "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all." For five, no one should have that power. Nor would I want it. If I had that power and the actual desire to use it. I'm sure in some ways the country would be worse off. In some ways it'd be better but on principle I voted no.
  4. John Shimkus of Illinois also did, some twenty years after Paul did. Both Republicans but Paul's limelight is stolen. I do believe Ron and Rand are the first father son duo to play in the game though.
  5. Ron Paul is not the only one, but could have been the first to hit an out of the park home run.
  6. It's North America as a whole, or well that's how it's described. But everything is broken into new different sections.
  7. Hunger Games, Man in the High Castle, and 1984 were the toughest choices. These all would be bad bad though.
  8. 1. Yes and PI 2. I re-read The Outsiders 3. I like my coffee with a little bit of milk. However when my girlfriend and I go to scooters or other coffee places I can drink just about anything. 4. John Hickenlooper
  9. Ford played college football and was one of our most athletic presidents. It's a shame SNL made him seem like he was more clumsy than he really was.
  10. How shitty people are. I think you took it to personally in any event.
  11. What's your opinion on it and general recommendation? It was one of my cousin's favorites years back but I was a bit younger than him and was more interested in Halo hahah
  12. The closer we get to the election the more Biden/Harris signs pop up. I think Eastman is gonna pull ahead of Bacon and win that one. I think Biden has a good chance of winning the district closely. A month ago I'd have thought it'd be Trump and Eastman. I feel pretty solid that she will win the seat. Though Bacon and the RNC is spending a lot in negative ads against her.
  13. In the majority opinion they talk about it. Yes I touched on both voluntary and involuntary. Involuntary is "bad" I didn't select it with the other ones I marked as "bad" because the context of when it was happening. The world has largely gone against involuntary anyway. I'm against the government forcing anything on people, but especially death. Legislation has been written and states have largely changed their own laws based around the ruling anyway. Is it bad to commit genocide via sterilization? Yes, absolutely. Was the court ruling bad? Better than the alternative of killing
  14. @Hestia11 Real Clear Politics has Biden at 47.7 and Trump at 46.3, with Biden gaining. Meanwhile Greenfield is at 46.6 while Ernst is at 44.8. I see a lot more ads in Greenfield's favor than any of the other 3. So looking across the boarder it looks like Greenfield (and the DNC) is spending a lot on that race. Do you think it'll go Trump and Greenfield? Or do you think it'll be a dem win for both races?
  15. It's better than death. I'm in favor of voluntary sterilization, I'm not in favor of the state forcing anything on people but would rather that than death. Disabilities and mental illness are something we don't understand as a whole even still. There have been times where rather than being sterilized people with disabilities or mental illness were killed. In those contexts sterilization would likely have been preferred over death. We're getting better at how we handle disabilities and mental illnesses as well as helping those with those disabilities and illnesses. One of the steps we as a
  16. I did not, and most states have their own wording on it or don't follow it at all anyway.
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