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  1. What's your opinion on it and general recommendation? It was one of my cousin's favorites years back but I was a bit younger than him and was more interested in Halo hahah
  2. The closer we get to the election the more Biden/Harris signs pop up. I think Eastman is gonna pull ahead of Bacon and win that one. I think Biden has a good chance of winning the district closely. A month ago I'd have thought it'd be Trump and Eastman. I feel pretty solid that she will win the seat. Though Bacon and the RNC is spending a lot in negative ads against her.
  3. In the majority opinion they talk about it. Yes I touched on both voluntary and involuntary. Involuntary is "bad" I didn't select it with the other ones I marked as "bad" because the context of when it was happening. The world has largely gone against involuntary anyway. I'm against the government forcing anything on people, but especially death. Legislation has been written and states have largely changed their own laws based around the ruling anyway. Is it bad to commit genocide via sterilization? Yes, absolutely. Was the court ruling bad? Better than the alternative of killing
  4. @Hestia11 Real Clear Politics has Biden at 47.7 and Trump at 46.3, with Biden gaining. Meanwhile Greenfield is at 46.6 while Ernst is at 44.8. I see a lot more ads in Greenfield's favor than any of the other 3. So looking across the boarder it looks like Greenfield (and the DNC) is spending a lot on that race. Do you think it'll go Trump and Greenfield? Or do you think it'll be a dem win for both races?
  5. It's better than death. I'm in favor of voluntary sterilization, I'm not in favor of the state forcing anything on people but would rather that than death. Disabilities and mental illness are something we don't understand as a whole even still. There have been times where rather than being sterilized people with disabilities or mental illness were killed. In those contexts sterilization would likely have been preferred over death. We're getting better at how we handle disabilities and mental illnesses as well as helping those with those disabilities and illnesses. One of the steps we as a
  6. I did not, and most states have their own wording on it or don't follow it at all anyway.
  7. If I was a dem I'd take no action nor would I even do the rhetoric. I'd be a conservative dem and would largely just want center/nonpartisan justices.
  8. 1. I'm 24 2. I don't mind the normal Mtn Dew. I prefer code red. Some of the other flavors are good too. I like most all kinds of pop (soda, and or coke) 3. I've only played Andromeda. But I did enjoy it. 4. I haven't but maybe one day. 5. Alaska, Colorado, Minnesota, and some love to the home state Nebraska. 6. Yes, not for 2020 yet but I will. 7. If I had to make a choice cake. More questions are always fun. It's good to get to know everyone.
  9. He's not his daddy that's for sure, but noted all the same.
  10. Cotton is a super nope but Paul being his VP makes it a "well okay"
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