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  1. I picked free college and university education but I'd be more in favor of free community college and trade schools with a more affordable 4 year and higher degree programs.
  2. I'd agree with this. I'd swap those two around on the list. I'd also swap Harris with Manchin. Maybe even move Manchin up past McCarthy too.
  3. They are once again floating former NASCAR driver Carl Edwards around as someone who may run for this seat. He rejected it in the past and seems to enjoy his retirement life but anything is possible. Austin Petersen may also run under the republican banner again.
  4. Remember when Trump didn't know how to close an umbrella so he just left it there at the top of the ramp? Maybe -1 stamina and maybe minus one issue familiarity. I mean who doesn't know how to close an umbrella? (The -1 for issue familiarity is a joke, but really...closing an umbrella isn't hard.)
  5. You used 538 to bring up his 98% rate though?
  6. It's worth noting that the 98% track record only applied to primaries, not general elections. It says that in both the url and the article itself. From what I can gather it appears to be discussed as a 98% track record in both primaries and general. It's also worth noting some of those endorsements were not sought after and some even surprised the candidates and the party. He was in some ways very much stat padding by endorsing clear winners the day of their primary. I mean he also endorsed Ben Sasse in his primary, despite the other candidate being far more Trumpier.
  8. I haven't logged on here for a good bit of time, so I went back multiple pages to read what all was being said. You know what I did notice a lot of comments but I wouldn't say plenty of discussion. I'd say I seen you being able to bend and manipulate the rules without consequence, which means nothing has changed at all. Now that is truly sad.
  9. Hmm...wonder if the personal attack rule was enforced...
  10. So has Biden through out his political career. Siding with senators who favored segregation.
  11. My dad has a saying that "if you give people an outlet to bitch, they will do just that." Basically saying people will always find a way to complain, especially if they have a way to go about it where people will listen.
  12. For four, as God, I wouldn't do anything at all. "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all." For five, no one should have that power. Nor would I want it. If I had that power and the actual desire to use it. I'm sure in some ways the country would be worse off. In some ways it'd be better but on principle I voted no.
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