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  1. He'll probably lose by a similar margin as Hillary Clinton. The most electable candidate would be Sanders, because although he has that socialist label attached to him, he's pretty effective in pivoting to broad issues that have majority support, or at least sound reasonable. In addition, he's able to take Trump to task on things like trade, which Clinton and Biden failed and will fail to do in a General Election. It will be close, but I think if Bernie is the nominee, he'll win. Biden won't excite enough voters and his record is way too easy to attack. The worst thing for Sanders is his 1980s
  2. Great to have a fellow 17 year old on the chat! 1. Chicago, Illinois 2. Talique 3. 17 4. I've loved politics and history sense kindergarten. I grew up learning about the Bible ( I went to Christian school), which led me to history, which led me to politics. I found the game online in 2016 and I've played it ever sense then. 5. I love 80s rock.
  3. Poor John Adams would've been the 12 year VEEP.
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    Germany 2013

  5. I think Stacey is an excellent choice. A progressive woman of color that really speaks to the Democratic base.
  6. I definitely agree. The real issues facing Americans got very little attention, and our two major party nominees were abysmal.
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    I support Medicare for All
  8. He says he hasn't made a decision. I personally would like to see him run for another office in 2020 than President. He should run for Senate against John Cornyn.
  9. Yes he would. Sherrod Brown is cool. He got reelected in a state Trump won by 10 points by 6 points and he ran a progressive and populist campaign. The total opposite of Joe Donnelly and Claire McCaskill who both ran unexciting and non-populist campaigns.
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