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  1. Thank you for replying I have a Maryland map, this is a congressional district in Maryland though and theres no map posted for that.
  2. Hi everyone, i'm new here but I've been playing this game for a while and made a map that isn't working out. I was hoping someone had some idea about what i'm doing wrong. The Map looks fine in the universal region but when going to individual counties it get really weird. Any help would be appreciated, this was my first map and took forever so i'm a little disappointed.
  3. Just "amend" the bill to say that if our European allies are attacked unprovoked, or actions are taken by foreign powers that threaten national security we would be compelled to respond. If countries are suspected of human rights violations or provoking a conflict, the United States reserves the right to judge the situation accordingly. (I haven't read this whole thread but is there a "NATO" like alliance in this RP?) PS: don't post on the forums really, just lurk but I had nothing better to do.
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