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  1. It would be nice if there was a feature that enabled you to make an X amount of a specific type of ad, instead of having to make them one by one.
  2. Would anyone be interested in this scenario?
  3. For quite some time I've been playing around with and building a scenario of the Netherlands under a FPTP-system. This is the result. Basics This is entirely fictional. There are 250 districts. District boundaries do not cross provincial boundaries. The amount of districts that each province is allocated is proportional to its population. There is one district to represent the Caribbean Netherlands (Saba, Bonaire, St. Eustatius). Not all districts are contested by all parties. Vote share is based on the 2012 results. Parties Obviously in a FPTP-sys
  4. Interesting. I have made an alternative scenario wherein Netherlands uses the first past the post system. Might upload it if interested
  5. Also works but when making a map from scratch I like the layers function of GIMP which Paint does not have.
  6. You must make a map using GIMP - there is a tutorial on the main website. It is not that difficult really. Once you have the map then enter all the provinces in the campaign editor, along with population, voters, vote share for different parties, etc. It really is not rocket science, if you take an afternoon you will get the hand of it. I have uploaded the rar file for this campaign but again bear in mind it is not finished. Let me know if it works. I have many other projects as well, let me know if there is any other country, I might have it already. Turkey 2018.rar
  7. I can share the beta file - but it is a mess. I don't have time right now to work on it.
  8. It was too much work to enter all of the 80 something provinces so I divided Turkey in 7 regions. The HDP is strong in the East and South East but the Kurdish area is split between these regions so its not enough to win either of them.
  9. I started working on a Turkey project after the last elections there but haven't gotten around to finish it. Still need to do endorsements and issues and stuff. I have the vote shares calibrated to the 2018 results so its pretty close to the actual result.
  10. I haven't, too much trouble to make an account. But feel free to do so as long as you do credit me.
  11. Hi everyone, I made a 2018 Gubernatorial Elections version based on the 2018 Senate Races. It's not perfect since I just made it for myself originally but I figured there might be someone here interested in it. Percentages are based on polling averages as they stand now. Where I figured they might have an impact on the outcome I added third party/independent candidates. Gubernatorial Elections 2018.zip
  12. How does the decided/leaning/undecided metric in the campaign editor work? Is it related to the percentages you set in the campaign editor? Because I tried to set like 95% of people already decided, it makes the game harder but in the end the margins can be just as unrealistic.
  13. I feel like Beto will end up like Jason Kander. Lots of buzz and charisma but in the end they dont win.
  14. Hello everybody, I gave this game a few rounds and not to sound cocky but I find it too easy. I've now figured out how to basically always win and that doesn't feel realistic to me anymore. Like in no possible scenario would a Democrat win Florida by 25 points, e.g. Is there a way to make it more difficult or to somehow make sure that the margins stay somewhat realistic? Thanks.
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