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  1. aw man, i was about to film crab rave 2.0! smh ty for killing the vibe
  2. Can we just put Romney on the far-right? For the memes? Please
  3. Yes NY isn't a key/battleground state and no I don't care, however from my experience in my region of NY (by that I mean the county right next to mine because red stronghold here, nothing surprising) Trump still seems to have a lot more enthusiasm than Biden in terms of signage in general. I've seen like 5 pro-Biden signs/flags/pretty much anything while on multiple trips to anything from places like Albany and Buffalo to miniature places like Margaretville. Some of these places are Red, some are blue.
  4. Ah Patine, Good ol Patine! Don't mind me just gonna cry a river that some dude who wants to live in a fairytale perfect world and cries on a forum about "Right bad! Right bad!" put me on ignore
  5. You really don't get the point of countering people who find your arguments funny, do you?
  6. That is what makes you funny dear friend. I can do literally anything from the most basic reaction to burning down a building and you will overreact. You are comedy. Thank you.
  7. Honestly, I don't like that he dodged, but I could see some reasoning as to how you could say the moderator was biased. she is writing a biography for fuckin Pelosi yknow.
  8. I can't be certain of this because I haven't gone back and timed the times given to both sides yet, but I've seen a rumor going around that Pence got less time than Harris on some issues. Based on the debate I was watching since clearly we all watched a different debate I think it might be true, the moderator was a lot easier on Harris for going over her time compared to Pence but once again, thats just at the debate I was watching.
  9. The fly was clearly shitting on Pence's head! Biden will win with 100% of the vote because of it!
  10. My mother actually told me she stopped watching the debate since she was angry about watching Kamala smirk and be "disrespectful." My recommendation was that she just listens, cannot confirm nor deny whether she did or not.
  11. Huh. That really goes against what I've seen as the popular opinion, as I've seen Pence losing early on with topics like COVID-19 and healthcare but winning economics and beyond. The fly is the true winner though, a true representative of the third parties!
  12. The Supreme Court topic is just amazingly bad, both sides are extremely hypocritical and both only want a supreme court justice to be put in when it's more convenient for them. These issues are awful for debating.
  13. I respect that. I do disagree with the idea of "centrist" however I am fine with a form of independent, as at the moment my main preference is with an "independent" party of the Libertarians however the difference between what I see as an independent and a centrist is that an independent still holds their beliefs, they still believe something, they are just open to changing their mind. A centrist would by definition not have any sort of belief, if you arent anywhere on the economic right or economic left spectrum and you're a "centrist" on it you probably wouldn't have a belief on it if you're
  14. I agree with the "civil" and "not memorable" parts. I think pence kept more composed and overall better in the debate, but this is still relative because this is really only compared to Trump vs Biden.
  15. Both are being bitchy. Theres a reason I call both candidates awful. Neither of these candidates are good. But that whole sexism thing about him saying Kamala was being bitchy I'm still laughing about.
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