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  1. but it only happens when I highlight a specific endorser
  2. @admin_270 I'm encountering a strange error, I was adding endorsers without problem, but when I add a very specific endorser and select it in the endorser page, it gives me this error the endorser I tried to select is called "Social Activist Groups" Israel 2019 2.rar here is the scenario file if you need a closer look Thanks in advance
  3. Since the 2019 election is winding down, I am starting to make scenarios beyond 2019, I am planning on making a 1996 remake (if any of you remember the really old 1996 scenario me and @NYrepublican made)
  4. Yet another update, added a fuckton of new issues, some more rebalancing, fixed Avodah-Gesher's logo, fixed proportions of some logos and some more Israel 2019 2.rar
  5. Also I have to state that Express has some REAL clickbaity headlines
  6. Another update, not too much changed, some more rebalancing and I added some alternate history parties based on past speculations and rumours made about the election the new alternate history parties are Yesh Atid-Yisrael Beitenu (https://www.timesofisrael.com/yesh-atid-members-planned-to-bolt-blue-and-white-for-joint-run-with-liberman/) Zionist Union (basically all the leftist parties except the Joint List) Yamina but with Zehut and Otzma Yehudit Hosen-Telem (Blue and White but without Yesh Atid and also more center-right) Israel 2019 2.rar
  7. Well I have been updating the scenario a lot since I posted it here notable changes include adding Otzma Yehudit as a new party some more events (expect more updates to come with new events as the campaign unfolds) fixed several problems rebalancing renamed United Right to Yemina (they finally have a proper logo) Israel 2019 2.rar
  8. since 270soft campaigns is annoying (I forgot my password and I'm still waiting for a backup) I'm uploading this here (now with a new map) Israel 2019 2.rar
  9. no problems, I've got other people giving me feedback in the meantime take your time, I may add some fixes while you're away
  10. While I'm trying to figure out K4E, I have completed my PMI Israel Sept. 2019 scenario, parties: Likud (Kulanu got merged into it) Blue and White (no changes) Avodah-Gesher (Labour + Gesher) Yisrael Beitenu (no changes) Democratic Union (Meretz + Green Movement + Democratic Israel) United Right (New Right + Union of Right Wing Parties) Shas (no changes) Joint List (Hadash-Ta'al + Ra'am Balad) UTJ (no changes) Zehut (no changes) (I may add Otzma Yehudit and Noam in future versions) added surrogates to each party (Likud and B&W have six each!) rebalanced the
  11. In an ideal scenario, I'll make K4E ports of my scenarios, but atm I'm working on PMI @Patine
  12. Nope, as even K4E can't really do the election any justice afaik, I'll use a refined version of the system I have above (also imo I think it's better since it can better demonstrate scattered demographics even if it used the region based system of PMI) @Patine
  13. @NYrepublican @Patine Hello folks, while I was not active here for quite some time, I have been quietly been working on a September 2019 scenario and a post election update for April 2019. I think the new scenario will be ready around August 1st when the party submission deadline is met
  14. Ido

    UK PMI Scenarios

    Damn I sometimes wish that chain was complete, only missing 2001 from what I know
  15. I'll see what I can do with that
  16. Nah that was infighting between the parties, Gantz only joined later
  17. No idea @NYrepublican I did everything i could to prevent that, tbh I should give each party less PIPs
  18. @NYrepublican @Patine@SirLagsalottexpect some balance changes in the next update
  19. Ok ok stop, only talk about scenarios here, I will modify the scenario a bit to simulate what happened last night @NYrepublican @Patine
  20. @Patine @NYrepublican ok, new update, I consider this the 'complete' update if nothing big happens before April 9th I had a lot of additions such as new endorsers, new events, tried to balance it as much as possible too and added a few "what if" parties such as the Zionist Union and the Jewish Home with Bennett (you can also start a game with Yesh Atid and Hosen separate but that has some finicky balance) if this indeed is the final version I'll upload it to the campaigns page and start a new scenario (probably 2015) Israel 2019.rar
  21. either way, I will release a "complete" version once the elections roll around
  22. Uh @Patine @NYrepublican how does that relate to my scenario/s?
  23. @NYrepublican nevermind, they approved the Balad-Ra'am list
  24. https://www.alternatehistory.com/wiki/doku.php?id=timelines:fear_loathing_and_gumbo_on_the_campaign_trail_72 Here's a chapter list for Gumbo
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