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  1. I advise y'all to buy Fire Emblem Three Houses if you have a Switch and want to see a neoliberal video game character (literally) P.S that game has enslaved me
  2. as I said, it requires a lot of skill to cheese the game enough to make the PCs even win a minority, let alone a majority. Don't come to PMI or in fact any 270soft game expecting so much in depth analysis of votes, since the game is super exploitable
  3. @Patine It's almost like a good PC player can retake the West from Reform and push them down to single digits. It's pretty hard to simulate Reform's hold on the region while making it dynamic enough to allow a PC victory
  4. Ido

    New Project Israel

    @darkmoon72 electoral lists are being finalized today, so I can work on the scenario proper finally. So far it looks like B&W Likud Joint List Labour-Gesher-Meretz (hoping here that they get a better name) Yisrael Beitenu UTJ Shas New Right-National Union (hoping for better name) United Jewish Home (Jewish Home and Otzma Yehudit) Green Movement (edit: they just dropped out)
  5. I just want a more moderate Labour ffs
  6. Ido

    New Project Israel

    The elections haven't really led to a rise in extremists, it's mostly just a repeat of the last election with some changes here and there.
  7. Ido

    New Project Israel

    on another note, I am working on Israel 2020 already
  8. Ido

    New Project Israel

    Israel 2019 2.zip My final update, some last touches
  9. @Patine I'm mostly talking about Canada in the past, today it's less really of an empire but you can't deny that Canada's actions may be viewed as empire like, just because Canada is a "good" country doesn't make it less imperial P.S don't try to wade me into arguing by bringing Israel into the equation
  10. doesn't disqualify it from being an empire, doesn't it? @Patine it's just a more chummy and friendly one
  11. @vcczar well for all the first nations, Canada is very much an empire
  12. Achaemnids specifically
  13. ancient Persia had very good governance and was tolerant of other cultures so that's good
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