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  1. Loretta Sanchez Attack Ad: "Corrupt" We can't trust Duncan Hunter He used campaign funds for his own interests Don't vote for Duncan Hunter and vote for Loretta Sanchez. Delete
  2. Where's the poll, sorry for bugging you.
  3. Loretta Sanchez Rally in Orange County Even though Hillary Clinton and Carly Florina aren't endorsing me and don't have the same issues, I wouldn't call them bitches like Joe Manchin did.
  4. Loretta Sanchez campaigns in Orange County and Los Angeles on Education reform.
  5. @Dr. Insano Does my ad affect the Senate race with its details?
  6. Loretta Sanchez Attack Ad: "Corrupt" Kamala Harris is a corrupt politician, and here is why Shows Donations from Donald and Ivanka Trump She let the Trump's lose and received money from them She refused to prosecute Steve Munchin, We can't trust Kamala Harris, don't vote for her Vote for Loretta Sanchez, a fighter for us!
  7. Can I be Loretta Sanchez in California?
  8. Hoi4 Player who wishes that Johan could get replaced with someone better.
  9. https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/ezvjen/help-ive-been-making-hyper-real-political-campaign-simulators-for-15-years
  10. I mean playing wise as creating scenarios even in President Infinity is stressful for me.
  11. I have Congress infinity and President Infinity, I'm planning on getting UK Infinity or Canada Infinity? Amy Recommendations?
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_Alabama_gubernatorial_election https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_Alabama_gubernatorial_election https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2002_Alabama_gubernatorial_election Elections
  13. Played as Sparks and campaigned mainly in Mobile and Tuscaloosa and won narrowly in the Alabama 2010 scenario.
  14. Can I withdraw? I don't have the time now.
  15. Gary Johnson will campaign in Concord New Hampshire, and San Fransisco, California on legalizing Marijuana.
  16. In 1970, most of the Democratic Majority was in the SOUTH and most of them were DINO's
  17. Thank You and I hope for the same thing for your issue.
  18. I played as McGovern and selected Wallace and Massachusetts was like Nixon 90% and McGovern 6%
  19. Gary Johnson Campaign Schedule Announce in Concord, New Hampshire with VP nominee Bill Weld Campaign and Establish HQ in Salt Lake City, Utah on a Balanced Budget Give a Speech in Tucson, Arizona on attacking the War on Drugs and Establish a Campaign Office there Fundraiser in Dallas, Texas and Establish Campaign HQ there.
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