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    In Alberta, somehow the corpse of the liberals has 7%, Independence has 10%, the NDP has 24% and the UCP has 40%, Kenney should say to about 10 of his MP's that they will lose relection

    @PatineHow come the Liberals have 7%!

  2. 1 hour ago, Patine said:

    This is the government that @Reagan04 personally wished on me and couldn't "wait to see kick the NDP out of office." What a horrible and vicious curse and malediction to make! In exchange, I hope the Communist Party of the USA takes over the Maryland State Government! :P

    Yes, Kenney is frankly the worst Alberta Premier since Klein. And the Alberta Liberal Party are constantly making displays to differentiate themselves ideologically from the Federal Liberals since Lougheed injured them but good, politically, back in the NEP days. The NDP are the only party left in Alberta that works for the common citizens, and not corporate cronies (especially oil companies) (such as the UCP and Alberta Advantage Party), a policy of differing from one party or another rather than an affirmative, innovative, and productive policy (like the Alberta Liberal and Alberta Parties), myopically on separatism or autonomy without real care of the consequences of the "little people," of the Province they want more rights for (Freedom Conservative, Alberta Independence, and Wexit Parties), or pure, unworkable ideology (like the Alberta Pro-Life Association (formerly the Social Credit Party), Communist, and Green Parties). The old Progressive Conservatives (except under Klein) were remarkably good to the common people and the less fortunate - surprising so for a centre-right party that rarely faced serious electoral challenge. But, yes, Kenney is a pox upon Alberta, make no mistake!

    Hadn't the PC's and Wildrose Parties merge, would the NDP have a minority, and if the PC's hadn't pissed off the Left Wing, they would of had a minority government in 2015. 

  3. The UCP and Jason Kenney had done a stunt a week ago where they had sent masks meant for Alberta to Ontario, Quebec and BC, and the healthcare workers in alberta got cheap masks that are horrible.

    Nice job Kenney! /sarcasm


    I'm pretty sure that Albertans would join a cult worshipping a oil barrel than voting for a liberal, in Alberta or in federal politics.  



    Also, is the Liberal Party in Alberta even that left wing on pipelines and the sort?

  4. 51 minutes ago, Patine said:

    We don't need multiple games with the Westminster Parliamentary system. More official scenarios, perhaps, but multiple games strikes me as a money grab. A game that actually does the MMP electoral system in an updated form is a screaming must, though, and Anthony dragging his heals on it is a real shameful point...

    If he doesn't do one for the upcoming election in Germany, he's never doing it.


  5. Just now, Patine said:

    I don't think he's shown regret at running, or considered his campaigns in vane - all five of them...

    But Cheney is Cheney and Gravel is really Left Wing, he supports taking Henry Kissinger to the Hague and Cheney to the Hague for war crimes.

  6. 39 minutes ago, Patine said:

    Political party is defined differently as a legal concept. In Canada, being a "party member," is more akin to JUST being a candidate, national, state, or local committee member, fundraiser, electoral and campaign staff, etc., whereas as being a "loyal party voter," in Canada is roughly equivalent to being a "registered party member," in the U.S. And, once again, I have never once said the Canadian electoral system is perfect, or doesn't need major reform itself. It needs a lot of work, too - no denying (and I never have actually denied it). It's just that, because the government systems are so notably different, electoral reforms that would better the American system, except for a few fundamental ideas, would not directly help the Canadian system without serious analog thinking, and vice versa. The political party I have supported on the Federal level every election but once in the 21st Century has some really great ideas about electoral reform in Canada. Unfortunately, despite being in the top four Federal parties, and earning respectable seat totals, and even once being official opposition, they have never formed government on the Federal level ONCE.

    To be fair, the NDP has had bad leaders like Muclair and maybe Singh, (Singh might of been the reason why the NDP did badly especially in Quebec but he did well in the Debate) and there should be some sort of PR by Province or Ranked Choice Voting, this I agree.

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