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  1. So will it be most likely released in 2022?
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candidates_of_the_2021_Canadian_federal_election The list of candidates and the deadline is August 31st.
  3. What help do you need? @Anthony_270
  4. Ishan Solutions for America. 3 Any
  5. Abortion CR Some restrictions on abortion. Allow abortions in cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother. Ban partial birth abortions. Defund Planned Parenthood. Business Policy C: The interests of business, employees, and consumers need to be balanced. China FL Free Tibet! Use the international community to compel China to adhere to human rights! Corruption CL Republicans are more corrupt than Democrats. COVID-19 CR: COVID-19 is blown out of proportion. End the lockdowns in phases and encourage social distancing. Have to look at societal health, not just the coronavirus. Lockdowns tend to hurt more than they help. Masks in certain situations. Open schools except in hot spots. Focus going forward on free market innovation for therapeutics and vaccines. Cuba CL: It is an unfortunate reality that Communism is here to stay. The sanctions are hurting the people of Cuban, more than they hurt the government, so we should lift them. D.C. Statehood FL:Elevate D.C to statehood status immediately, and place the federal buildings under the State of Columbia's jurisdiction! No taxation without representation! Defense Spending L The armed forces are using too great a percentage of the budget. Cut budget while innovating. Economy CL Obama created the conditions for strong economic growth, but Trump is about to blow it. Even so, the economy isn't doing well for many, and we need new leadership to get it working for everyone. Education C Support public school system but allow room for vouchers. Modest reductions in university costs. Electoral Reform FL Power to the people - popular vote for President, proportional House, get rid of the Senate! Lower the voting age to 16, and allow non-citizens to vote! Energy L Global warming catastrophe will happen if we don't take massive action now! Green New Deal to transform the economy in 12 years - 100% of power through clean energy sources, overhaul transportation to zero-emission cars and rail! Absolutely no off-shore drilling, anywhere! Environment FL The environment should be our first national priority. Paris Accord isn't nearly enough. Expand National Park System. Large government programs and regulations. Free Trade C Free-but-fair trade. Consider new free trade deals carefully, and create incentives to keep jobs in America. Government Spending L Increase government spending on social programs, a deficit is acceptable for longer term gain such as the Green New Deal. Gun Control CR We should be wary of gun control. Increase security and training. The Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms. Healthcare L Our healthcare system is broken, with the focus on insurers and drug companies making profits instead of Americans being healthy. Move towards single-payer, public healthcare, like it is in much of the rest of the first world. Homeland Security L: If we were more respectful to other nations, they would respect us in return. Reduce security measures and funding. Dramatically decrease electronic surveillance of American citizens. Always require a warrant. Immigration C Enforce existing rules, no wall, path to normalization for most illegal immigrants already here. Israel Center: Support Israel's right to exist. Provide foreign aid and develop contingency plans to support them militarily. Keystone Pipeline L: Stop the construction of the Keystone Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline and invest heavily in clean energy production. LGBT Rights L Military Intervention C Only if we or our allies are attacked should we retaliate. Lean towards airstrikes only or drone warfare. War is okay to stop ethnic cleansing. Minimum Wage CL Raise the federal minimum wage to $12 an hour, $15 over time. C Leave federal minimum wage where it is, but support state efforts to raise it CR Be skeptical of minimum wage legislation, as it tends to cause the elimination of low-wage positions and reduce upward mobility. R Minimum wage laws don't work very well. Lower the federal minimum wage, and trust the free market to generate high-paying jobs. FR Abolish the minimum wage! The free market will determine what the proper wages should be, no politicians in Washington! Native Americans Center: Native Americans didn't deserve to be treated like they were. That said, is this really the most important issue in the modern age? Native Hawaiians Center: The Akaka Bill must be considered by Congress in order to make right by our past. North Korea C Keep diplomatic channels open and use economic sanctions. Go to war as a last resort. Offshore Drilling FL: Remove all instances of offshore drilling in America's domain immediately! Partisanship CL Although we would like to be bi-partisan, the Right isn't exactly very welcoming. Puerto Rico C The people of Puerto Rico have the right to the political status of their choice, obtained through a fair, neutral, and democratic process of self-determination, wither it be statehood or independence. Congress should act upon their decision. Racial Injustice C We need to open a discussion on race by bringing all sides, from BLM activists to police officers, to the table to work through the issues plaguing our nation through pragmatic means. Role of Government C The Government needs to be more efficient, but is otherwise fine.R The smaller and less activist the Government, the better the country. Local control when possible. Russia C Open a dialogue between ourselves, Russia, Europe, and the UN in an attempt to find pragmatic solutions to contain Russia. Russian Interference CL Based on the Special Counsel's findings, it's time for the House to continue investigations - Trump is probably guilty of collusion and obstruction. Russia is a corrupt regime, and a major foe. Social Security CL No to any private investment, increase funding. Student Debt CR Remove current forgiveness policies, but consider national service or other work-based alternatives as a way for forgiving loans. Supreme Court Nominations CL Replace existing justices with liberal-leaning swing judges. Tax Rates CL Raise taxes on the rich, reduce taxes on the middle class, and reform the corporate tax system (eliminate loopholes). Trump Support CL Continue investigations of Trump in the House, but be careful. Possible impeachment. Unions C Labor demands must be balanced with business concerns. Venezuela C Maintain sanctions until Maduro steps down. Wall Street CL Reinstate Glass-Steagle. War on Drugs FL Legalize all drugs, except psychotics - end the expensive and unwinnable Drug War. War on Terrorism L We should develop an antiterror strategy with the United Nations to stop economic and social injustice.
  6. Ishan

    Canada 2021?

    Will and if it will be released, when will a Canada 2021 scenario be released?
  7. @CenzonicoThe BC Liberals are the conservative party, after the fall of the SocCreds, due to the right wing turn on social issues, the Liberals got the SocCred voters.
  8. Ishan

    Canadian Politics

    How come the Liberals have 7%, doing as well as the Alberta Party?
  9. Ishan

    Canadian Politics

    You can do this thread about generally anything in Canadian Politics.
  10. In Alberta, somehow the corpse of the liberals has 7%, Independence has 10%, the NDP has 24% and the UCP has 40%, Kenney should say to about 10 of his MP's that they will lose relection @PatineHow come the Liberals have 7%!
  11. Hadn't the PC's and Wildrose Parties merge, would the NDP have a minority, and if the PC's hadn't pissed off the Left Wing, they would of had a minority government in 2015.
  12. The UCP and Jason Kenney had done a stunt a week ago where they had sent masks meant for Alberta to Ontario, Quebec and BC, and the healthcare workers in alberta got cheap masks that are horrible. Nice job Kenney! /sarcasm https://globalnews.ca/news/6837933/aupe-surgical-masks-covid-19-ucp/ I'm pretty sure that Albertans would join a cult worshipping a oil barrel than voting for a liberal, in Alberta or in federal politics. @Patine Also, is the Liberal Party in Alberta even that left wing on pipelines and the sort?
  13. Andrew Yang and Abrams, as they are the future of the Democratic Party
  14. I knew someone who played a 1992 scenerio and the DNC endorsed Perot over McGovern.
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