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  1. @CenzonicoThe BC Liberals are the conservative party, after the fall of the SocCreds, due to the right wing turn on social issues, the Liberals got the SocCred voters.
  2. Ishan

    Canadian Politics

    How come the Liberals have 7%, doing as well as the Alberta Party?
  3. Ishan

    Canadian Politics

    You can do this thread about generally anything in Canadian Politics.
  4. In Alberta, somehow the corpse of the liberals has 7%, Independence has 10%, the NDP has 24% and the UCP has 40%, Kenney should say to about 10 of his MP's that they will lose relection @PatineHow come the Liberals have 7%!
  5. Hadn't the PC's and Wildrose Parties merge, would the NDP have a minority, and if the PC's hadn't pissed off the Left Wing, they would of had a minority government in 2015.
  6. The UCP and Jason Kenney had done a stunt a week ago where they had sent masks meant for Alberta to Ontario, Quebec and BC, and the healthcare workers in alberta got cheap masks that are horrible. Nice job Kenney! /sarcasm https://globalnews.ca/news/6837933/aupe-surgical-masks-covid-19-ucp/ I'm pretty sure that Albertans would join a cult worshipping a oil barrel than voting for a liberal, in Alberta or in federal politics. @Patine Also, is the Liberal Party in Alberta even that left wing on pipelines and the sort?
  7. Andrew Yang and Abrams, as they are the future of the Democratic Party
  8. I knew someone who played a 1992 scenerio and the DNC endorsed Perot over McGovern.
  9. Can you get the game update even if your subscription runs out because I have a Macbook.
  10. My first Campbell minority Government.
  11. If he doesn't do one for the upcoming election in Germany, he's never doing it.
  12. A newer German game and a India PMI game.
  13. @admin_270 lol,
  14. @admin_270 is working on a port to Catalina.
  15. But Cheney is Cheney and Gravel is really Left Wing, he supports taking Henry Kissinger to the Hague and Cheney to the Hague for war crimes.
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