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  1. I don't know if it necessarily = stronger base. It means getting them to the ballot box and voting. They don't have to be happy about it It means getting those suburban women/elderly to the polls to vote for Biden, I assume.
  2. Yeah. It's definitely misleading, but still the real numbers are pretty interesting. It'll definitely be a big question heading into Election Day.
  3. I wasn't here then Nice to know from an expert!
  4. That's your personal opinion. I don't think any sort of rally really helps anywhere, no undecideds are going to rallies. Harris would probably talk to more undecideds in that kind of setting than Trump would in a large rally.
  5. Kamala is in North Carolina right now.
  6. https://fortune.com/2020/10/20/2020-election-vote-in-person-vote-by-mail-early-voting/ There's still a large batch (About 15%) of people who are unsure how they'll vote But the breakdown is 33% on election day, in person 17% in person, before election day 32% ballots by mail 18% unsure (which may end up being some people who don't vote, as well)
  7. Honestly talking about polls as much as we do here is confusing some will say that only Rasmussen and co. are reliable, and some will say that they're the only ones that are unreliable. I doubt anyone will change their opinion so it's probably best to just watch the average and wait for election day to come. I did see something interesting that only 1/3 of voters plan to vote on election day. That is a big thing if it ends up being true. I'd guess it's closer to half and half, but we shall see.
  8. Yes focus on two polls that help your opinion... All of this will wash by Thursday which will make a bigger impact on the race.
  9. I'd be tilting between establishment Dem and progressive Dem, but not completely. So I just went establishment
  10. Sure, you can have a bone to pick with social media, that's fine with me. I'm just making sure people don't take this from Hunter Biden to "Joe Biden knew about this and let it happen, etc." However, it is also a private company - as so often pointed out by my conservative friends . The law around social media hasn't really been cleared up yet, so I'm not sure what exact legal pressure they can get into.
  11. But is this truly about Joe Biden? Step back and think. It's not like these are being floated to try and say Joe did something wrong. It's trying to use his son to attack him, when he had nothing to do with any of it. Trump's tax returns are about Trump. Hunter Biden's child pornography is about Hunter Biden. Obviously if he did that, he should be punished accordingly, but it says little about Joe personally. Plus Giuliani sat on this since...December? So he believes it's this important, but he had the time to wait ten months? Color me unimpressed.
  12. Exactly. And I'm not sure why this would hurt Biden, its not like he knew about any of this. If its true, Hunter should go to jail. That's fairly simple. And that's assuming its true and Giuliani isnt just trying to stir the pot.
  13. Its not just Florida, but forcing the Republicans to divert spending to Florida to defend it.
  14. https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/20/politics/trump-china-taxes-financial-records/index.html Taxes continues to plague Trump. If Biden brings up he paid more in China than in the United States, he could put Trump on his heels.
  15. https://www.politico.com/amp/news/2020/10/20/bloomberg-trump-florida-spending-430236 Bloomberg may have actually done it...
  16. Its Giuliani...plus its Hunter Biden, not Joe. No one's voting for Hunter. I've always thought he was estranged somewhat. We shall see what happens, but it's Giuliani...not exactly the most unbiased source.
  17. I think Peters will pull it out. It'll be closer than expected, but I think he'll make it. Ernst made a fatal mistake when she simply couldn't afford to.
  18. Same GOP internal shows Ernst trailing Greenfield by 5.
  19. Republican internal shows Iowa tied at 45
  20. Yeah...I could see people making the same "attack" because of people's opinions on abortion. The fact that Patine got an 8 day suspension for this, but this kind of stuff wasnt even used when other members were being rude earlier in the year, even when brought up. I was just brushed off. Its reaching just a tad bit. While I wouldnt like some thing like that being said to me, 8 days seems like a lot.
  21. That's why it's best to use a sampling of all kinds of polls. To make artificial boundaries is a little suspicious, particularly when it seems 538 is factoring out GOP-leaning pollsters while keeping Dem-leaning ones in. Even if they're less quality in the polling world, doesn't mean that they're missing something.
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