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  1. Nothing for us, but I imagine it wouldn't be ideal for the admin.
  2. I personally don't like the paying for each scenario. Then can people pick and choose which to pay for? I think it wouldnt really help and people would just rely on the custom scenarios.
  3. Well that's convenient.
  4. I kinda thought that political discussions were done on here...
  5. I'm sure Twitter has it out for political sim games
  6. Kanye's stats are still too high.
  7. I can see where that would help, but I think it could also hurt the game. Polling is important to know which seats you're targeting and all (and the fog of war thing already does the polling error), so if you have polls that are even more biased, along with the fog of war, you could be polling off 10% or so in states that you may be exceedingly close. I think it's finding a problem rather than a solution.
  8. Not sure on exact numbers but plenty on the forum are interested.
  9. Or a Chancellor Infinity for Germany 2021, or France 2021 (22?)
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