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  1. I don't need the link when it has horrible inaccuracies in the beginning that it's obviously not trustworthy. If there's another source, then by all means.
  2. That's disappointing. No level of standard then.
  3. I thought there were levels of actual fact needed in posts rather than posting anything off the internet. Unfortunately I was wrong and that clearly shows the level of posting on this forum these days.
  4. Thats even more laughable. Learn to look up your sources. I wont apologize for pointing out something dumb you said. Didn't even bother to spell her name right either. Lazy.
  5. Yeah I'm gonna laugh when you don't take time to look that something included is blatantly untrue. Its laughable.
  6. I sent you an email, fyi. @Anthony_270 Thanks!
  7. I do believe Trump endorsed both Loeffler and Perdue...yet here we are...
  8. Election laws in Alaska mean the top 4 advance on one ballot. That means she can survive on moderate Republican votes and Democratic ones.
  9. Murkowski and Alaska is very different than other things. Not everything is easy to predict from prior situations, and a jungle top 4 primary is difficult to predict.
  10. Not surprised but also don't think it'll work. (also whether or not he goes through with it...debatable lol. Alaska isn't in the lower 48! Long journey! :P) The Tea Party tried to take her down and failed. She's durable. Particularly with top 4 primary thing now.
  11. Just a little comment I like it all, whatever AOC/Gaetz's experience is, the other should be the same probably (or issue knowledge, or both).
  12. I'll have to check out the new update!
  13. Doesn't pertain to you and I'm only passing along a message.
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