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  1. I could see it, technically since 2016 was somewhat close. However, NH has been polling even farther out of the window of error than Nevada. Interesting to see no rallies in Michigan. I would assume he'd try to protect that wall there as well.
  2. "Trump is winning PA and Nevada. Game over." Doesn't really sound like an opinion to me...
  3. Same with you, bud You keep saying "game over" like you wish it to be true...there's still 10 days left of this thing.
  4. I agree. He could win the GOP nod, but I think a moderate Democrat could eviscerate him on social issues that he simply couldn't handle. I'm not sure why Kamala didn't bring it up in the VP debate, but I know in a presidential one, it will be brought up. Romney was unfairly criticized in some manners, but this would be a completely valid criticism of Pence.
  5. Pence is more dangerous than Trump, in my opinion. He actually knows what he'd be doing. He'd attempt to set back rights for LGBT Americans decades in the past. He's a religious nut with no concept of true religious freedom. He believes in religious freedom - as long as it's his religion that gets to be the one that enjoys all the perks. There are conservatives that I don't agree with that I wouldn't say these things about (Haley, obviously people like Romney, even Ernst and others), but Pence is truly dangerous to anyone that is just a little different.
  6. So far, there have been 50 million early voters. There's still 10 days until Election Day. Usually it picks up the day or so before Election Day as well, so I think early voting may be roughly equal to Election Day turnout this year, depending on all that happens.
  7. Fox is simply a bigger news channel. It usually tops both, so I'm not really surprised by this. Trump also is an entertaining figure to watch, so Trump voters are likely going to want to watch it. Biden voters already know what they're getting, and likely just didn't watch.
  8. I think that it won't turn blue, but I'm assuming a lot of those counties are smaller. If some large counties are having medium sized-trends, it'll easily outweigh the small counties voting large.
  9. Major outlier, but we shall see if it's indicative of a larger trend.
  10. That's good for the GOP. Who knows what kinds of voters are turning out in those counties though
  11. Didnt know all that, thanks. Haven't heard much of it in Iowa
  12. Yes, early voting by itself (in some states, not the whole country). I find it interesting, just for the figures and percentages sometimes
  13. Oh. I see where you got confused. 100% of 2016 turnout, not registered voters. Sorry for the misclassification.
  14. I know that. However, the early voting is simply so high in some states that it's impossible to believe that it will stop. Texas is already near 70% of what voted in 2016, with quite a few days of early voting left. Not inferring victors off of it, but the fact is that turnout is high.
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