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  1. The Sconlair thanks the Conservative Party for their endorsement and looks forward to working together to move past the crisis of the last decade.
  2. Sconlair Marlborough will again seek the Sconlairship. Vowing to do his best to maintain stability and work with the people to inspire growth.
  3. We will accept the demands of the rebels, as they are not unreasonable. Let’s move forward and rebuild our country together.
  4. Realism isn’t the height of entertainment and at the end of the day that’s what it is. It’s kind of crummy to come into something that’s obviously an alternate history thread to take a crap on the genre. It’s fun for some people and I don’t get your obsession with attacking AH any time it comes up on the forum. If it’s not for you then that’s cool, but any fan of the sub genre is already familiar with all of the tropes and critiques you’ve mentioned.
  5. D1. Per my campaign policy, I will attempt to reach out to the rebels offering to implement a new electoral district for them and granting them some semblance of home rule by elevating their leader to a new position of Governor of the Frontier. I will remind them that I am not my predecessor and that since our sides are nearly equal in number and I control the city and it’s port, that further bloodshed will be unnecessary. The city needs the rural settlers, and the rural settlers need the city. Furthermore I will offer to place my predecessor on trial for his mishandling of the crisis should t
  6. OOC: God bless you. Having had a failed Administration part of me wanted to double down, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. This keeps things interesting and I love it!
  7. Cassius Augustus Marlborough will run for the Growth Party nomination. We must deal with our rural brethren and address their grievances to the best of our abilities. I would pledge to offer peace terms granting the rebels equal representation in our government. I also would like to work to consolidate our resources and work with our agricultural/ hunters/ fishing leaders to make sure that in this time of crisis our food needs are met. This is a trying time and I offer a bold strong hand to right our ship. Growth has always been a party of grand ideals with an eye to the future, but first we m
  8. Rep Mitchell would be willing to accept a Vice Presidential nomination on the Federalist ticket if that's needed.
  9. Cassius Augustus Marlborough runs for the Growth Party nomination. Cassius is a protectionist and seeks to secure growth for Gott-Stein through military conquest. The Seminole has refused to trade with us, and does not accept peaceful outreach from our people. We must build a raiding army and strike their more isolated settlements from the sea taking what we should rightfully have. Cassius also seeks to implement anti-corruption laws with sharp teeth, promising harsh punishments for any government official seen to be profiting unduly from their position. Cassius is distrustful of the blending
  10. OOC: yikes, hope rngesus looks more kindly on the next guy.
  11. Oswald Witte now deeply depressed by the loss of his only son, and saddened by the failures of his term declines to run again. “I’ve always been wary old men who cling to power for its own sake, and that’s what I’d be if I tried to run again. I still believe in my ideas, but maybe it just wasn’t their time. All I ask is that the next leader doesn’t take the tasks at hand lightly. God bless Gott-Stein.”
  12. While I accept the results of this free and fair election, I am disappointed in the outcome. I will continue to serve in Congress and represent the people of North Carolina. Congratulations to the President and Vice President.
  13. Representative Mitchell will run for the Federalist nomination. Expansionism: We must seek to find a way to expand while avoiding wars of conquest with the Great European powers, especially France. Given our current deals with them, it’s my position that we might have to be willing to trade their generous assistance on our war loans in exchange for land which will be much more valuable in our nations future. Relationship with France: we must obviously continue to support our ally in ways that are mutually beneficial to both nations. We must attempt to strengthen our own might
  14. I am quite pleased to have been elected, and I intend to do as much work for Gott-Stein as possible. I want to thank all of the great and hard scrabble citizens of our tough nation for giving Growth a chance and for allowing me the honor to serve. D1. We will pursue our goals in a manner that prevents our people from being pushed too far. The projects will be staggered so as to ensure that manpower and resources can be allocated responsibly. This is elaborated upon in decision two. D2. For the first five years we will be focusing on the establishment of the messe
  15. GROWTH PARTY TICKET Sconlair Candidate is Oswald Witte Vice Sconlair Candidate is George Whitfield 1. Arthur Webley Position: Growth Party party leader 2. Alexander Ivanov Position: Growth Party deputy leader 3. William Bunt Position: Growth Party secretary of birth rates 4. Fredrick Weber Position: Growth Party secretary of weaving 5. Richard Brown Position: Growth Party secretary of economics and incumbent councilman 6. Brigam Scott Position: Growth Party secretary of agricult
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