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  1. OOC: Yeah I'll stick around, just feel like changing it up a bit.
  2. The Market Party dissolves in support of the Growth Party.
  3. The Market Party endorses Worcester for Sconclair and focuses on electing a few members to the council.
  4. Jones Johnson praises the Sconclair saying, "He has done a wonderful job, proposing many of the policies at the heart of the Market Party's platform. In addition, he has avoided the tyrannical grasp for power that certain Sconclairs used to solidify their power, artificially adding their supporters to positions they were not elected for."
  5. Jones Johnson thanks the Growth Party for their endorsement and offers an olive branch to the Conservative Party to not run candidates against them in the council.
  6. Jones Johnson runs for Sconclair for the Market Party, "This country had never seen as much growth as it did under the Market Party. We agree socially with the current Sconclair, however his economic policies have stunted the economy and he has grabbed too much power for himself, acting like a king that the founders had come here to escape. Under my administration, we would keep the social policies and focus on the people, we will give back some of the power he has taken to the council, and we will focus on growth to raise this country from this depression. Now is the time when we need to ral
  7. Jack Johnson thanks William Scott for the endorsement, endorses him for the upper house, and supports the Market Party's candidate John Jackson for the upper house.
  8. Jack Johnson, the new Market Party leader, announces, "For a party that previously campaigned on the status quo, I am shocked to see the Conservatives campaigning for a change in the system. I am also outraged that it is so clearly designed to give them an advantage that would carry for decades. His seeking to create a Supreme Court which likely would only be appointed by him and serve for life is a vain attempt to extend his influence much further than his term limits, while not giving the same opportunity to the future Sconlairs! If I were elected, my Supreme Court would be voted by the peop
  9. Jonathon Jones releases his 3 point plan to accelerate growth focusing on keeping the Jonescoin flexible while adding a counterbalance to solve hyper-inflation, increasing the amount of immigrants, and providing a way of immediate cash by selling the ships made with superior wood to the European and American nations.
  10. James Jones issues statement saying, "To all the supporters of the Market Party, don't forget to put the Growth Party as your second choice. We may disagree with them on some issues, but we appreciate their similar dedication to the expansion of this country and while the policies that they pushed when they were the Sconlair ultimately weren't as effective as ours, their leader is one fine person."
  11. James Jones has decided to step down and let his son Jonathon Jones run. Jonathon announced his platform stating, "My father had some great ideas that propelled this nation to further growth and set us on the direction to prosperity, however he made some unfortunate mistakes. I will carry on much of his policies that have provided good outcomes, but we will find a better way for exploration in my administration, make sure the cutting down of the jungle is regulated by our legislators, and we will semi-tie the Jonescoin to resources to restrict the run away inflation that we unfortunately have
  12. 1. To encourage immigration, Gott-Stein will increase the plots of land for all immigrants to own, depending on how many people they bring to stay on the island. 2. The new Sconlair will put in place a plan to move the government to a bicameral legislation using a Mixed Member proportional system with the member being of a higher chamber and the party vote being the lower chamber. In addition, the member elections will be ranked choice. 3. The jungle will be cut down to fuel the growth of the country. Own policies: 1. The exploration of the continent in search of a place for a better capital
  13. James Jones announces his campaign platform: "The previous administration has been a disappointment, as much as I personally like our Sconlair, he has been utterly disastrous at promoting the growth needed to sustain this country. First off, the creation of a city in the jungle has made everything else much more difficult, and in addition, the stones that could have been put to use for projects to help our citizens were sold for a small amount of money that the people have yet to seen help them. In my administration, the economy would grow dramatically as that would be my focus and the country
  14. General Winston issues a statement of support for the 'tax rebels, saying, "These honorable men are doing what the great founders of this country did against the British, and now the government is moving a military against them like the English did. Is this what the Sons of Liberty had believed in? The exchange of one dictator unfairly taxing citizens here from hundreds of miles away for a dictator unfairly taxing citizens from our own shore? How soon do we forget the revolution and all that we had fought for?"
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