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  1. It's ok I will post it without the logos and replace it with the version with logos when you pass them along.
  2. 1900 is ready to be posted just waiting for Patine to send over the post 1900 party images.
  3. 1900 Parties: Republican, Democratic, Populist, Prohibition, Social Democratic (Socialist Party before it was called the Socialist Party), Labor, Progressive Populist (1 candidate), Workingmen's (1 candidate), Socialist Labor, Silver, Sliver Republican, Middle-Road Populist, Referendum (1 candidate), Single Tax (Georgist), Union Reform (National Prohibition Party's spiritual successor), Independent Citizens.
  4. 1896 parties: Republican, Democratic, Populist, Prohibition, National Democratic (Gold Democratic), Reorganized Republican, National Republican, Hill Republican, Socialist Labor, Silver, Silver Republican, Lynch Republican, Citizens Republican, Silver-Democratic, Union Republican, Anti-Silver, Protectionist, National Prohibition.
  5. They were decided in the House via contest but the revised vote totals are unknown.
  6. Alternate name is the Labor Reform League but other than that and candidate names IDK.
  7. Parties that will be in the 1892 House Election Scenario: Republican, Democratic, People's/Populist, Silver, Socialist Labor, Union Labor, Independent People's Union, Citizens Democratic, Cook County Reform League.
  8. Here are the parties that will be included in the 1888 House Election Scenario: Republican, Democratic, Greenback, Prohibition, Union Labor, American (A Anti-Masonic Party), Socialist Labor, Tammany Democratic, New York County Democracy.
  9. I'm afraid it is not related to the 270Soft Games.
  10. His whole campaign this time around has been a huge tactical mistake.
  11. 1888 production will start soon, I am working on another large project at the same time as the House Elections one.
  12. Parties for 1884 will be Republican, Democratic, Greenback, Prohibition, Tammany Democratic and New York County Democracy (There were People's Party and a Labor Reform candidate but considering those parties did not exist at the time of these elections I will assume that they are just Greenbacks due to a number of the People's Party Candidates in these elections stood as Greenbacks in prior elections and due to the Labor Reform party merging into the Greenback National Party in the 1870s).
  13. 1884 production has started and a minor update has been made to include a new Greenback leader (Nicholas Ford from Missouri's 9th who was the Greenback's nomination for Speaker after the 1880 elections).
  14. 1. Social Democrats. 2. Green Independents. 3. Progressive Dems. 4. Urban Dems.
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