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  1. Dear experienced scenario creators what system do you find is the best for determining the attributes of party leaders? (Any advice would be appreciated).
  2. Economic Left/Right: -8.63 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -9.03 I am unashamedly on the British Labour's Party's left-wing. I consider myself to be a Civil Libertarian and economic Democratic Socialist.
  3. For example, there is a scenario for 1950 but not one for 1951, 1955 or 1959, but there is one for 1964.
  4. I was planning on doing a UK one after this US one also there is a lot of gaps in terms of elections for the UK.
  5. 1796 "Domestically, two political parties have emerged in the fight over the John Jay Treaty. Abroad, the French Revolution tests our relationship with both France and Britain. Amid this tension and fragmenting of relative political unity, President George Washington intends to retire. Who can unify the nation with General Washington stepping down?" - Election Blurb. Candidates John Adams (F) (Incumbent VP). Thomas Jefferson (D-R). Thomas Pinckney (F). Aaron Burr (D-R). Samuel Adams (D-R). Oliver Ellsworth (F). George Clinton (D-R). John Jay (F) (1st VP). James Iredell (F). John Henry (F). Samuel Johnston (F). C. C. Pinckney (F). Results J. Adams: 61 ECV and 21.5% PV (41376 Votes). Jefferson: 78 ECV and 13% PV (24947 Votes). T. Pinckney: 48 ECV and 8.8% PV (16929 Votes). Burr: 8 ECV and 11% PV (21163 Votes). S. Adams: 22 ECV and 9.9% PV (19067 Votes). Ellsworth: 6.5% PV (12509 Votes). Clinton: 4.8% PV (9178 Votes). Jay: 61 ECV and 12% PV (23181 Votes). Iredell: 3.8% PV (7379 Votes). Henry: 2.1% PV (4002 Votes). Johnston: 3% PV (5713 Votes). C. C. Pinckney: 3.6% PV (6989 Votes). Presidential Electoral Map
  6. George Washington (I), 1st President of the United States of America, 2nd Term: March 4th 1793 - March 4th 1797 John Adams (F), 2nd Vice President of the United States of America, 1st Term: March 4th 1793 - March 4th 1797 Washington's 2nd term is the same as his IRL 2nd term.
  7. 1792 "Washington's first term has ended. While he has been roundly popular, he is seeing increased criticism over Hamilton's economic policies, an increased pro-British foreign policy, and the growing power of the new federal government. Despite this, both Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans are urging Washington to run for a second term. Will he do it, and will he be the unanimous choice again?" - Election Blurb. Candidates George Washington (I) (Incumbent). John Adams (F). Thomas Jefferson (D-R). Aaron Burr (D-R). George Clinton (D-R). Results Washington: 132 ECV and 48.3% PV (31857 Votes). Adams: 67 ECV and 15.5% PV (10249 Votes). Jefferson: 7.4% PV (4892 Votes). Burr: 9.8% PV (6442 Votes). Clinton: 65 ECV and 19% PV (12504 Votes). Presidential Electoral Map Vice Presidential Electoral Map
  8. Hi, I have made my own custom united Ireland map to do some scenario editing testing and I am unable to assign regions to it as the whole screen seems to go white and I am unsure why. United Ireland Map.bmp
  9. George Washington (I), 1st President of the United States of America, 1st Term: April 30th 1789 - March 4th 1792 John Jay (F), 1st Vice President of the United States of America, 1st Term: April 30th 1789 - September 26th 1789 (Resigned to become Chief Justice of the United States) Washington's 1st term is the same as his IRL 1st term.
  10. Full results here: Alt US Presidential Election 1788-1789.csv
  11. 1788-1789 "The Constitution has been implemented, and the first president is to be elected. Washington is a shoe-in for the presidency, but who will be his VP? [Note: In this election, the candidate that finishes second in the election becomes VP] This election takes place among economic instability and a revolution in Europe that could further impact trade and stability at home." - Election blurb. Candidates George Washington (I). John Adams (F). John Jay (F). Robert H. Harrison (F). John Rutledge (F). John Hancock (F). George Clinton (AF). Samuel Huntington (F). John Milton (F). James Armstrong (F). Benjamin Lincoln (F). Edward Telfair (AF). Results Washington: 69 ECV and 37.6% PV (39909 votes). Jay: 22 ECV and 10.3% PV (10894 votes). Adams: 19 ECV and 9.6% PV (10168 votes). Lincoln: 17 ECV and 7.4% PV (7886 votes). Harrison: 6 ECV and 5% PV (5279 votes). Telfair: 5 ECV and 2.4% PV (2504 votes). Huntington: 8.9% PV (9435 votes). Hancock: 6% PV (6344 votes). Rutledge: 4.9% PV (5220 votes). Clinton: 3.4% PV (3626 votes). Milton: 2.6% PV (2765 votes). Armstrong: 1.9% PV (1983 votes). Electoral Map Summary George Washington became the 1st President of the United States of America and John Jay became the 1st Vice President of the USA.
  12. Thanks for the welcome, I must agree with the sentiment of the last part of your statement I wish the debate around politics was focused on the policies that each political ideology brings to the table and not on throwing insults at political rivals or focussing on the personal lives of political rivals if it is not relevant to a discussion on policy, TLDR: I adhere to the philosophy of policies over personalities, also right now the President of the US is a WWE Hall of Famer and one of the members Presidential cabinet is the spouse of the Chairman of the WWE and was at one time the President and CEO of the WWE which if you came to me in 2014 and told me that in 2018 I wouldn't believe whoever told me that, god damn I know how to ramble.
  13. Hello, folks on this forum, I started an alt-history US presidential elections playthrough last month using President Infinity and vcczar's mods and I thought the best place to post the results of the elections would be this forum for obvious reasons.
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