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  1. All the surrogates have been fixed in all the current scenarios and the fixed scenarios can be found in the latest post with a download link in my Campaign Creation topic.
  2. Yes sorry, I see what you mean now I am going through my scenarios to make sure this is remedied.
  3. Don't think there is an option to edit Endorsers in Congress Infinity.
  4. 1908 might take a little bit longer than usual to create as my family is temporarily housing a cat of my mother's coworker who's housing situation is changing and the cat is used to living in a caravan so he's having to adjust so I'm trying to help with that.
  5. 1908 Scenario Parties: Republican, Democratic, Populist, Prohibition, Socialist, Independence League (the progressive party sponsored by William Randolph Hearst), Scales of Justice (Independence League's South Dakota ticket name), Public Ownership (Socialist Party's Minnesota ticket Name), Socialist Labor, Free Trader (ticket name which Former Massachusetts State Representative and Medal of Honor Recipient Hazard Stevens ran on), American.
  6. My apologies for 1904 taking so long compared to the other scenarios I have been dealing with an illness (a cold nothing serious) and the release of a new game.
  7. Parties in the 1904 Scenario: Republican, Democratic, Populist, Prohibition, Socialist, American (Utah anti-Mormon party), Union Labor (California Nativist and Labor rights party), Liberty (couldn't find anything about this party aside from the candidate and the name), Socialist Labor, Stalwart Silver (Silverites who refused to vote for the fusionist Silver-Democratic tickets, Thomas E. Watson ran on this ticket in Nevada in the 1904 Presidential Election instead of the Populist label and against the Silver-Democratic Party nominee Alton B. Parker), Citizens Independent (Anti-trade union party in Pennsylvania), Public Ownership (Socialist Party's Minnesota ticket name), People's Democracy (Populist Party's ticket name in New Jersey).
  8. You should not be given the position of the head of a state just because you were born into the right family.
  9. I hope you are able to resolve the issues.
  10. The weekend has past it is now Wednesday (my dude).
  11. Wikipedia has a list of Third Party and Independent Candidates as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_party_and_independent_candidates_for_the_2020_United_States_presidential_election
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