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  1. Yes indeed there where typos on my behalf which i had not seen until now. I meant that the predictions for the 1970 election where that the Labour Party would be reelected, but it ended with a Conservative Majority of about 30 seats.
  2. Okay, just thought that someone perhaps would have made during the years. It was a quite intressting election in the way that most people and polls believed there would be a Conservative government, but the ended up with a Tory. I do not remember a single UK election where it has been that the predictions where so brutally wrong. That is one of the reasons I where a bit curious about it.
  3. Does anyone around here know if a scenario for the UK election 1970 have been made for any of the games? If someone knows where to find it, then it would be much appreciated if I could get that information. Thanks in advance!
  4. Well thank you very much for the information, my email is niklas.gahne@hotmail.com
  5. For a while now I have been searching for any scenario of the two 1974 elections in the UK, without any succces. If somebody possibly could help me too find it, then it would be greatly appreciated!
  6. If you ever see this message, then would you please send the scenario to: niklas.gahne@hotmail.com
  7. niklas.gahne@hotmail.com
  8. niklas.gahne@hotmail.com
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