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  1. I have a BC 2020 scenario based off of the 2017 BC scenario almost done if anyone is interested in collaborating/giving feedback.
  2. Cool, I only have percentages in for my 1921 scenario and basically nothing else. Did I upload Ontario 1995 right? Is it playable? I believe I still just need to enter platforms.
  3. Ontario 1995 Rough.zip Here is the rough draft!
  4. Sorry I got sidetracked over the holidays and then started Canada 1945 and 1921, Ontario 1995 is 99% finished so I will have shortly.
  5. Okay I just realized I have two accounts. Good to know. Sorry about that.
  6. You are welcome to post or send me whatever you have if you want me to finish you 1935 scenario. I love Alberta politics and especially great depression politics.
  7. I have a lot of free time over the winter so I am plugging away and whatever election I feel like. I am a little scatterbrained though. I am just shifting over to the the new version of the game right now, and putting on my finishing touches. I will post Ontario 1995 here in the next day or two.
  8. For example, there are some nomination battles going on due to redistricting. Edmonton Journal might say "Babcock and Horne will go neck and neck for the Spruce Grove- Stony Plain nomination", but it's exceptionally obvious to me one will be easily stomped. The media has a lot of "ins" with the UCP and Alberta Party because conservatism is part of the province's culture, so they'll know pretty easily who's running where as time goes on. With the NDP the media is quite in the dark. They've literally only just noticed the NDP has a provincial council every couple months.
  9. The two Davids - Daveberta, David Climenhaga - and good old gossip.
  10. Looks like Romy resigned as Green leader already.
  11. What do you have the Socreds ideology like? They are a bit syncretic, or fascist, at the start. Aberharte spoke kindly about socialism and communism on occasion. He himself was not anti-Semitic but some in the party were. They definitely went for a more left wing government at the very start, but Ernest Manning moved that over to (and really helped invent) social conservatism. Quite an odd evolution.
  12. I'll give a rundown of the parties position in the game: THE NDP The governing NDP is extremely unpopular in rural Alberta. You'll see them at around 15 - 20% percent in places like Strathmore, Olds, Sylvan Lake, or Drumheller. Their rural (or ruralish) MLA's and cabinet ministers are struggling - but areas like Vegreville or Wetaskiwin are still in fighting shape. Red Deer, Grande Prairie, and Lethbridge are in fairly dire straights. However, they are quite competitive in parts of Calgary, and still dominating Edmonton. They have surprisingly "bounced back" from diving poll numbers
  13. So what I'm saying is the definitive version should be ready a few months before the writ drop, but between me, my political friends, and maybe some gamers on here, I would like a simple "demo" version within a week or so.
  14. Nice to virtually meet you! Sorry I've been very busy, but obsessively putting the scenario together on the 2008 engine, and when that is as successful as I want it to be, moving it to the new engine and making a left wing option, as well as a "what if" scenario where the PC's and Wildrose still exist.
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