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  1. These scenarios sounds good. Hopefully it will up on the site soon. Looking forward to testing it out. Either way, The hard work you put on it is appreciated. Hopefully will not take too long for these to be made available.
  2. okay so in like a blue state healthcare would be more important than say terrorism in red states?
  3. What about this option for the game? do you play with it on or off? does this make the game more realistic?
  4. check out this poll of voters for who could run in 2008. when primary versioj comes out, could use all these people. REPUBLICANS Rudy Giuliani 30.0% John McCain 17.8% Jeb Bush 5.4% Bill Frist 2.4% George Pataki 2.0% Mitt Romney 1.4% Bill Owens 1.1% DEMOCRATS Hillary Clinton 27.3% John Kerry 16.0% John Edwards 6.7% Al Gore 3.6% Howard Dean 3.5% Evan Bayh 2.5% Wesley Clark 2.1% Barack Obama 1.7% Harold Ford, Jr. 1.2% Mark Warner 0.6% Let me just say, we better not nominate hillary. it tells u how far left our party has turned when evan bayh and harold ford jr are getting that low of a percentage. nonetheless, would be interestign to try this otu when new update is released. Before christmas i hope.
  5. im new, can anyoen tell me if either the current version of P4EVER allows network/internet games between people, or whether or not the new version will?
  6. which is the best 2008 scenario? does anyone have one with a REAL democrat like harold ford jr or evan bayh? No more liberals like edwards or kerry. anyone who thinks edwards can win in 2008 needs to look at the blowouts in NC, VA, AZ, CO, TN, LA doesnt matter if u are from the south, a liberal is a liberal.
  7. interesting suggestion. a version with primaries, conventions, and stronger emphasis on the debates would be terrific IMO. I also think you should be able to focus on one issue more than another depending on the state, i.e. terrorism bigger in red states than blue states. And, more that one speech per issue.
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