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  1. I havent seen The Man in the High Castle is it good? Being apart of the LGTB community gilead would not be a good place lol
  2. 1. sure sounds fun 2. The Byzantine Empire by Robert Browning 3. Not a fan of coffee but the vanilla iced from starbucks is good imo. 4. Tim Pawlenty or Karin Housley
  3. @PoliticalPundit I think you are defiantly on to something with the primary vote totals compared to other incumbent presidents because why would someone bother to go vote in an uncompetitive primary and take time in the spring or early summer to vote. I also think that crowds do matter because those crowds get there very early and wait all day to see him which means that that person who went there will walk across glass to vote for him, I sure know I will, with that being said I also think that no college kids or a large group of them being not on campus will also affect turnout in ways that p
  4. I do think Minnesota will go red. Ive been saying it for months. Also new poll today by KSTP/SURVEYUSA that has Tina Smith Incumbant senator up by 1 point over Jason Lewis no republican has polled so close to winning since TPaw(Tim Pawlenty) 2006 I believe?
  5. I like that map I think its very close to how it will end up being. One thing that I would be most surprised if Biden pulls off a victory in Arizona. I think in regards to earlier posts about North Carolina from my family and the info I've gotten from there Tillis is in my opinion has the best chance of the republican state wide candidates because the Cunningham scandal is "bigish" because of the connections with the military and North Carolina is a very big Military state with lots of vets and bases there. I'm going to do one after the debate tonight because all my classes also have assignmen
  6. They are protected by section 230 of the communication decency act. Section 230 says that "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider" (47 U.S.C. ยง 230). In other words, online intermediaries that host or republish speech are protected against a range of laws that might otherwise be used to hold them legally responsible for what others say and do. "https://www.eff.org/issues/cda230" So they have protections for being a platform of free speech but when they begin to cens
  7. I think voting is the most important process in our nation and the fact that an ID is not required is absurd. My god to pick up orders from taco bell I have to show my ID but not for voting. I answered that all of the responses were suppression but both parties do it to each other in terms of gerrymandering. It is very easy and simple to get a state ID card. It is sad to see the left demonize something very sensible. Even Iraq has a form of voter ID.
  8. Im just genuinly curious how he rigged the election?
  9. @billay so true that this forum is not even close to fair. Just thunk how people would react if republicans booed Biden it would be the end of the world.
  10. @Patine wow I actually agree with you for once. the comment is quite inline with what he said in 2016......... not the exact same but same premise. We all know that he is just saying this to get all the left riled up and talk about it. Its so rediculous that someone would ever ask that horrible question which is not even fair. But nothing is ever fair I quess.
  11. I dont think MN is so safe a democrat states as you all think. Like ive said ive lived here all my life and the amount of money pouring into this state not just for President but also the Senate. There are three different outside group ads hammering Tina Smith while I havent seen a single Pro Tina ad either from outside groups or her campaign. The riots really moved the state to the right and now with our Governor doing the extreme policies regarding covid and forcing businesses to pay their property taxes in full before being able to reopen after the riots and the pandemic. I think Trump has
  12. No political campaign with less than 50 days should put a lid on all news at 9 am....... that is just seemingly half hearted campaign. Just my opinion but it is a little concerning dunno
  13. OMG same, it is so hard to find good games to play the Eastern Romans! I had to mod EU4 a bit just so it was not such a quick end LOL. Victoria 2 is always fun also to reform the Eastern Romans but is challenging.
  14. I just visted the Iron range of Minnesota where ive had strong connections and the amount of Trump signs have tripled since the 2016 election when I would go to my familys cabin. I am amazed at how red our state has turned over the last few months, and Comrade Walz is certainly not helping Joe here in the state. The amount of republican congressional yard signs is also incredible with how many switched people who I know up here that voted democratic in 16 except for trump have fully crossed party lines.
  15. Honestly she was the first denocrat ive ever donated to and I voted for her in the primary.
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