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  1. I totally understand where you are coming from, but I live in Minnesota and was born here, but it just is to dominated by the larger cities. One point on Florida they have had a Republican since 1998? Or 2002 as a Governor, even though Crist is a Democrat now, and looking at the shellacking Biden recieved in Florida I hope Desantis and bring his brand for longer than the next term he will serve.
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/mcauliffe-campaign-gop-youngkin-endorse-hampton-roads-black-caucus.amp Shocking to see democrat belittle an African American group, and the best part is they being democrats says that its a historically republican group but endorsed McCauliffe in 2013 and Northam in 2017 and after Terry said he didnt want parents choosing their childs education or even allowing them to have a say in it, in the debate, things are looking very stormy in the Old Dominion for party boss McCauliffe
  3. I am so ready to move to Florida for the sole fact the Desantis is in charge there. The forced Vaccine mandates are getting more and more scary everyday. The Media and Democrats are out there trying to divide americans into medical apartheid as charlie kirk likes to say and I tend to agree with him. Soon seperate but equal will again be the law of this land but passed entirely on medical status.
  4. Todays the day, I feel that Newsome may lose, I certainly hope he does, the homelessness problem is just to big and he has done nothing to fix it at all. What do yall think?
  5. How about the guy who was found with 300 mailin ballots in his car and was passed out drunk?
  6. Not only in headlines but there would be a special congressional commission to find out what happened!
  7. Weirdest thing, when I went to try to replicate it, it didnt happen, so it works again.
  8. When I turn on the primaries, the candidates dont appear just stays the same three options for 2012 as republican democrat and libertarian, I get it on the main screen.
  9. @Anthony_270 I just downloaded the new update, the primaries are not working for 2008 and 2012 just wanted to let you know.
  10. While yes that 65% - 70% will vote democrat, but the key is if they will actually vote and send back the ballot, if its low turnout great news for the recall, if its high turnout great news for Newsom, I have a feeling it will be close but with the guy being found with 300 ballots while he is passed out in his car that may or may not have an impact on it all.
  11. The automatic ads being deleted is a very good idea!
  12. Yes it was super confusing
  13. I was in 2016, primaries on and easy or medium?
  14. They use the Qanon to make it seem like the whole party is supporting that, its what the media wants to make conservatives out to be.
  15. I did that as well but I clicked within the box and it worked.
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