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  1. I do really like the subscription model. I think it serves the purpose, and is working well.
  2. @admin_270 Im sooooooo Excited for the cities thank you!
  3. I like that idea! I totally agree that it would make it tv feely which would add a whole even better level to feel!
  4. I like all of it! I espically like the cities portion! Now that I understand it lol
  5. Berg2036

    Next update

    @TheLiberalKitten @admin_270 I like the cities idea, but would counties be better?
  6. Yes the Biden campaign has a path to 270 if they lose Pennsylvania and Florida but that means running the table in North Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona while holding MN, MI, and WI. Which could really happen.
  7. First off I do believe that President Trump will be re elected and my first reason as to why I believe that is many many people have already voted and those people who did are more likely than not Democratic voters. If someone is still undecided as of today I believe they will break for Trump because clearly they are not phased by him and support his policies. I also think that a lot more people are turning out to vote that have not voted before and those people are very hard for pollsters to model and poll. I do also believe that there are many in at least my county split ticket voters are tu
  8. Berg2036

    1 day to go

    I would say that of the independents and of what I've been seeing is a hard move to the trump vote the last 6 days of the campaign here in Minnesota. While I don't live in the largest county it is a sizeable population that used to be very old school democratic but not any more. My thinking is he will lose a bit of ground in the suburbs gain ground in Urban Minneapolis and expand the margins in out state Minnesota or as our very liberal terrible governor called it the land of rocks and cows.
  9. @PoliticalPundit oh gosh no, that is one area that I am very very suprised in is how safe the voting is in MN would voter id be better of course but its fairly good. Kanye is not doing to good.......
  10. Minnesota mostly because of the "blue wall" states its the only one that has been counting and I have been working in my county elections office and let me tell you theres a very good chance of an upset if you solely believe the polls.
  11. 1. 19 turning 20 very soon 2. I am a temporary election judge/admin. 3. I have my Associates in Lib Arts and going for poli sci. 4. Center right but more libertarian 5. Never taken it!
  12. We will have a very good idea on whos ahead in FL, NC, and MN on election night because they have been able to count ballots. Thirsdays Minnesota extentsion to accept absentee or mail in ballots which there is a big difference in this state was overturned so we have to have your ballot by 8 pm election night. Horrible for all us counting because at least where I work we were okay with being able to count wednesday till the following tuesday which not we have to get all our absentee and mail in ballots(15 ish thousand) counted by election night. If Trump matches '16 in percent then its a toss u
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