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  1. @vcczar Im very curious to your rebukes! Whenever you get a chance.
  2. My boyfriends works had a few cases so im thinking through that
  3. I am crying right now for future generations, gone are the days of the court being apolitical and just calling balls or strikes, this is just a bonehead idea! (see what I did there XD)
  4. Fine, I just have a fever and drowsy like no tomorrow. My 78 year old grandparents did much better than I am right now which is good. My grandma got the same drip that Trump did and got so much better than we all thought which is really good because they both had COPD. Hopefully I am on the mend I felt a bit better today. My fever has been gone for three days and my boyfriend is doing way better than me so that is good, so one of us can start functioning again XD
  5. Sorry, I have covid right now, but I meant California, and New York. I was meaning northeasrtern states, Republicans have Texas and FL locked for now, not permanently. Our system is built around protecting Minority rights, for example the fillibuster in the senate or for the fact that both houses of congress have built in powers, versus the parlimentary system, where if you are the minority you have no power what so ever you just are there waiting to return to power. The states are the Minority compared to the federal government and their power is enshrined in the constitution.
  6. While yes the democrats win the popular vote, that has no basis in our system other than being an interesting data point in terms of winning an election. If our electoral system was based on the popular vote, then yes I would say that the Democrats seem to be more dominate but that is not the case with how the system works. I am talking recently since I've been alive post 2000. I think that democrats are always going to win the popular vote because the biggest states California Texas, and the like will always vote Blue and again even if you win 75% in California you can not transfer that to li
  7. I would say the same yes, the reason for my answer is that today we are so divided that I dont see there being a very strong unifying presence, certainly not Trump and definatly not Biden, the era of a JFK or Esienhower is over and as the country gets more divided so will the politics. One party is in power people get sick of that party vote for the oppositition and it keeps swinging back and forth.
  8. I really like this idea! Hopefully it can be implemented!
  9. @Anthony_270 wow that was a great play by play!
  10. @Anthony_270 I think Mike Pompeo should be included on the list of possible candidates in relation to 2024. On Hannity he left to door open if Trump doesn't run is my guess.
  11. Thus is really an interesting thing to research. I certainly know that liberals treat people different depending on their race, gender, sexual orientation, to a much bigger extant than conservatives do. Certainly, being an LGTB conservative there have been people who afe conservative that treat me different but on terms of being treated different, liberals are much more likely to. Ive lost 5 long term good friends because of political beliefs. I could never imagine stopping a friendship over politics but they did and they are all liberals. I think they could do a lot more research into it. I f
  12. Awesome! Good progress being made?
  13. Personally I do not think Private companies should have any say in the machines like manufacturing or anything else. I believe that all voting should be by paper ballot and hand counted, yes even in major cities, even if it takes a while to find out results. I believe that it would be quite easy to change what contractor a state uses for their machines and data, but just up to the state legislatures. I am quite interested in what Georgia and Arizona end up doing in the next year leading up to 2022. Its all by what the states want and do not federally but honestly I would like to see the FEC ba
  14. Respectively @Patine That whole post is a red herring. While yes I agree the electoral could be improved, but that discussion is for another time. What I and @Anthony_270 were talking about is the laws regard how to vote and the steps to register to vote. I asked you if you thought that what I described was conducive to a free and fair election I am quite interested in your answer to the question I asked.
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