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  1. i think its fun but with the new campaign things i thin its get to much to do
  2. Privately Winchester offer Martinez the VP posiston if he gets his delegates
  3. Richmond endorses Winchester and her delegates endorses him. @Kingthero
  4. @KingtheroIs there a posibilty that i might change one of my candidates to a Conservative candidate
  5. Slot (2/2) Name: Kate Richmond Party: Liberal Primary: Liberal Age: 55 Gender: Female Race: White( English Ancestry) Religion: Catholic Home State: Florida Original Profession: Millitary Officer Political Profession (if applicable): National Security Advisor(Thorn Adminstration), Secretary of Defense(Lauss adminstration), Incumbent Governor of Florida. View on Mass Media: Postive but feels that it need to be contained to a certain degree. View on Imperialism in General: Belives that this is nothing any country should still be d
  6. Slot (1/2) Name: Charles Winchester Party:Liberal Primary: Liberal Age: 65 Gender: Male Race: White(British Ancestry) Religion: Christian Home State: New York Original Profession: Laywer Political Profession (if applicable): Fmr. Senator of New York, Fmr. Secretary of State. Fmr. Vice President View on Mass Media: Postive to it. View on Imperialism in General: Against it. Sees it as a ruthless and as a old system. View on Tobacco: Belives that it should get illegal to smoke inside in public areas such as Resturants, work
  7. New York: After losing the primary Rosalie Winchester will instead run for congress. Fmr VP Charles Winchester along his brother Sen.David Winchester offers to campaign alongside Faust in New York. California: Blake goes to every town in the State. She campaigns on the same ideal as her former campaigns did. The campaign also sends out many ads around the state inclunding attack ads to the other candidates Tennessee: McDouglass campaigns all around the state. He attacks Governor Johnson of not being on the campaign trail. He calls to all his fellow Liberal guberntorial candidates tha
  8. New York: Winchester will campagin all over the state. She will campaign mostly on decreasing unemployement and she pledges to make a state vide Healthcare plan. California: Blake will campaing on the same platform that she did the last to elections. She also attacks Trust on the allegations he made forward about corruption in her goverment. Tennessee: McDouglas will campaign on his record as Attorney General during Lauss presidency. He promise to decrease criminal activty in the state. He also attacks Governor Johnsons record. Minnesota: Rolstad will campaign behalf on every ci
  9. New York Gubernatorial: Mrs. Rosalie Winchester(Liberal) The 30 year laywer is going to be the 4th Winchester to run for the Governor ship. Her Grandfather Henry Winchester Sr. is the only one who was Governor. Her Father Charles Winchester was Vice president, Secretary of State and Senator from New York. Her uncle David Winchester is the current Senator from New York. Her older brother Henry Winchester Jr. is a congressmann for NY. Her whole family has endorsed her. She has recently married the son of fmr. VP Harry Erring. She will campaign with the slogan: Time for a Change! California
  10. Governor Elinor Blake: Is going to campaign for the conservative ticket in California. Mr. Leon Fitzroy: He is willing to put money in the conservative ticket if the cadidate promise him either the Attorney General or Treasury sec posts in her cabinet. VP Charles Winchester: Is going to campaign togthere with the president. Fmr Rep. David Winchester: Is campaignig himself for a seat in The US. Senate from NY but is also campaignign for the Liberal ticket in New York. Sen. Johanne Rolstad: She will focus on all states but will focus mostly on states like: Minnesota, Wisconsi
  11. VP Charles Winchester agrees to be on the ticket with President Lauss Sen. Johanne Rolstad asks fmr. Gov. Erin Ocean of Texas if she wants to serve as her running mate in herincumbenet run if Ocean declines she asks fmr.Sen and fmr.Guberntorial candidate Josphine VIncent of Minnesota if she wants to. Rolstad will focus heavely on edcutation and health care and will travel to all the same states as the President does.
  12. Vice President Charles Winchester endorse the president and are looking forward to campaiging with him if the president asks him to serve as VP again. (OOC: hopeits okay since Winchester isnt a candidate but that he wants to stay on as VP)
  13. Slot (2/2) Name: Johanne Rolstad Party: Liberal Primary: Liberal(independent run if she dosent win the primary) Age: 42 Gender: Female Race:White(Norwegian ancestry) Religion: Christianity Home State: Minnesota Original Profession: Teacher Political Profession (if applicable): Senator View on European Colonialism: Against it. Every peopel has the right to decide over them self View on Imperialism in General: A undemocratic system. View on Youth Punishment (Legal/Judicial): Sentence them but focus on education and rehabilitation
  14. Slot (1/2) Name: Gov. Elinor Blake Party: Conservative Primary: Conservative Age: 58 Gender: Female Race: White(Irish ancestry) Relgion: Catholic Home State: California Original Profession: Laywer Political Profession: Governor of California(1971-), Fmr. Senator(1959-1971) and fmr Mayor of Los Angeles(1954-1959 View on European Colonialism: If our european allies wants this its up to them to decide. View on Imperialism in General: It belongs to the history book. We need to look to the future now not to the past. View on Youth Pun
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