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  1. Okay but imagine the chaos in 2020 if the map falls this way, and the three toss-ups here go to Trump and the results are 269-269. The House would end up voting for Trump due to more states having a majority of Republicans in its delegation, even though more Reps are democrats because of huge populous states like California and New York. The senate would undoubtedly vote for Pence, causing a huge uproar. Or imagine the House voting for the Democrat in this case because of Trump's growing unpopularity and Pence being voted in by the Senate. Dem Pres, Repub VP. This could get messy lol.
  2. I was bored and ran it through the primaries and general, with several moderate Republicans running against Trump. Trump still won. The Democrats primary was much more exciting. For most of the race I thought O'Rorke would win. Then towards the end I thought Booker would, after he took the lead. Then Harris took the lead and was endorsed by Booker. This gave her more delegates than O'Rourke. Harris led Trump most of the general, and had turned Utah, Georgia, and Louisiana blue and they remained blue until election day. These were the results. I was really confused af. The only race that
  3. I played through only two times so far. The first time I lost playing as Trump. I started out as Romney and won a good amount of the states but lost the nomination. I then became Trump and then went on to lose the general. WHAT I DID NOT EXPECT was Stein somehow winning Arizona, without anything being changed with her, and Biden and I both vigorously ad-attacked and campaigned in AZ. It was also really weird that Trump had more individual votes, but still lost the electoral college, EVEN if he had won AZ. ALSO HOW DID HE WIN NEW MEXICO??? Second time, I beat Biden for the Dem nominat
  4. I have some time waiting in the airport. So here goes nothing. I will post an update when I finish!
  5. The only situation I could see another SC nomination in the next two years is a death. The remaining liberal judges are surely clutching their seats, especially Ginsburg. I've been saying she'd die on the court for the past few years, and I still believe that to be true.
  6. Thoroughly enjoying this thread post-election. I had had Scott winning florida in my 270 map for almost three weeks now. He's good at statewide elections, especially when it's close. Braun did come as a surprise, but not Cramer or Hawley. I was over-optimistic about Heller and had expected him to win. I thought Tester was going to win by a larger margin. I don't believe Bresden ever had a /real/ chance. I think Hyde-Smith will win in the runoff anyway. McSally always had this AZ senate race. It's my home state, and people who voted blue down the ticket refused to vote for Sinema. She was a ter
  7. AmericanChaos

    Game idea

    Sorry I never got around to these! These look great.
  8. AmericanChaos

    Game idea

    The CU/FEC card needs the Event type box filled in. Just noticed. Other than that these look excellent.
  9. AmericanChaos

    Game idea

    I do think all of the abbreviations make it confusing, and too many components on one card will probably take away from the game and make it more of a hassle to play. Just my two cents.
  10. AmericanChaos

    Game idea

    Ok that's weird. How about now? Republicans.docx
  11. AmericanChaos

    Game idea

    Here are the completed Character cards, minus the bios. Republicans.docx Independents.docx Democrats.docx
  12. AmericanChaos

    Game idea

    I'll upload the Dems, Inds, and the Republicans again just to be sure either tonight or in the morning.
  13. AmericanChaos

    Game idea

    I could probably participate. I will do Dems and Inds ASAP.
  14. AmericanChaos

    Game idea

    Okay, here's a tweaked version, using revenue as the example. Meter Card.docx
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