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  1. Eager to give it a go, will post feedback once I've run a game through the primaries.
  2. I'm hoping HC takes enough of the vote from FPO that it really hurts them, but that they still fail to cross the 5% threshold.
  3. Just booting the scenario up (1892), California-3 and Kansas-2 seem to not have any party percentages.
  4. What is the Cook County Reform Leage? Can't find much about them.
  5. That Mondale idea sounds really interesting, though another one could be Kerry '08
  6. Given the quality of everything you've made so far I'm very eager to see what this other large project is, assuming it is tied to election games!
  7. This is super awesome! Had a great time with it. I'd love to see what else you make in this vein!
  8. PunPun

    2015 - STV Beta

    Yeah, it seems to function fine when it comes to doing final calculation but I'd noticed that as well. Nobody seems to know the cause of it either.
  9. Those three were quite good! Have you considered doing 2010, as well?
  10. PunPun

    2015 - STV Beta

    So I've been working on and off at an alternate history scenario where AV won the referendum, and while the version in PMI isn't perfect, it's what I've got to work with! Would appreciate feedback as it's still very much a beta, and any suggestions on parties to add, or adjustments to how the vote flows, would be greatly appreciated! United Kingdom - 2015 STV.zip
  11. Super excited, sneate scenarios are a lot of fun!
  12. Nobody has, and I'm not sure if there's a German Imperial map, but you'd certainly have more luck with Congress Infinity than President Infinity!
  13. By all means go for it, I'd buy it. Reading this thread had me reinstall K4E, and while it's not the prettiest looking it is still the only thing like it that I'm aware of.
  14. I would argue the 1925 Presidential election, where the KPD threw it to Hindenberg because defeating 'social fascism' was more important than 'actual fascism' was one of the most fascinating and closely run elections in the Republic's history, given it was just a handful of points between Wilhelm Marx, the Weimar Coalition candidate, and Hindenberg, the 'broad right' candidate. Making the proportional system work in anything but Chancellor Forever (which is very old and not super intuitive to play imo) is basically a non-starter as CI and PMI both can't handle PR style elections, and wou
  15. In any head to head Hindenburg is the strongest candidate, mostly because even at this stage there was a shrinking but still substantial portion of the German population that was terrified of Hitler and would vote for anyone short of Satan himself(or Ernst Thalmann), but you'd probably want to have the big industrialists as endorsers as they were the ones who underwrote the campaigns, and were a big part of Hitler doing so much better in the second round.
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